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  • Posted on: 07/21/2022

    Does Walgreens have the right response to defuse growing calls to boycott the chain?

    Crisis Management Rule #1 - Get the CEO out in front, not the “social media manager.” Remember Tylenol adulteration? Immediate action by CEO, and you can still buy Tylenol. Remember Exxon Valdez? Same kind of delay and subordinates response as Walgreens ... and Exxon is still despised for the spill. Besides, it’s untenable. Walgreens sells groceries. Can an observant Jew or Muslim refuse to sell bacon? Or meat and milk to the same customer? This policy is everything customers hate about retail and why increasingly they are turning to Pharma-by-mail and Amazon for everything else. The pandemic proved brick and mortar outlets are optional -- why is Walgreens making it toxic?
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