Adrian Weidmann

Managing Director, StoreStream Metrics, LLC

Adrian bridges the ‘business objective’ communication gap between the Chief Marketing Officer and Retail IT. Spanning more than 28 years of introducing emerging digital media technologies and business solutions designed for video, audio and graphics production and strategy, Adrian now assists brands (and retailers) designing and implementing intelligent, integrated omni-channel (mobile, online, on-air, in-store and print) marketing communication and merchandising solutions driven by digital media. Adrian brings direct real-world experience along with a unique balance of innovative creative and technical insight and vision.

Adrian has spent the past 13 years pioneering all aspects of the emerging digital signage sector. He co-authored and published (Relevant Press) the first book for the evolving in-store digital media industry, Lighting Up The Aisle, Principles & Practices For In-Store Digital Media. An early encounter with a retail executive provided clarity – “It’s about selling stuff.” Understanding why, where, how and through whom money flows between brands and retailers to ‘sell stuff’ establish Adrian’s philosophical foundation. He has merged his unique perspective and insight to the art and science of digital media with analytical business fundamentals to assist brands, retailers and their agencies alike to realize the full potential of integrated multi-channel and interactive digital media solutions to enable integrated marketing conversion with measurable results.

Adrian has authored four patent-pending disclosures for digital media network concept and process inventions. Using his proprietary patent-pending software, EVAlidate™, to model the business viability of digital media networks with various monetization strategies, Adrian has brought real world experience and business acumen in designing and developing digital media based network solutions. His brand and digital media network experience includes Lowe’s, The World Bank Group and International Monetary Fund, Best Buy, ERN, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Dentsu (Japan), Cereja (Brazil), Supervalu, PRN/Wal-mart, Federated Department Stores, Nike, and UnitedHealth Group.

As a Digital Shopper Experience professional, I possess a clear understanding of the transformational (and disruptive) change occurring in retail where digitally empowered shoppers are taking control of how they engage with brands- and design solutions that help brands manage their journey. Having an intimate understanding of the internal and external Retail ecosystem, I am able to successfully design and convey broader digital shopper marketing concepts, strategies and their benefits to all stakeholders. Proven track record of creating digital media strategies and activating technology solutions that bridge home, life and in-store—exceeding corporate and shopper expectations.
  • Posted on: 01/08/2021

    Shopify dumps Trump’s stores from its platform

    I applaud their decision! I also read that Simon & Schuster cancelled a book deal with Hawley. There are, can be, and should be consequences.
  • Posted on: 12/16/2020

    It’s time for innovation or stagnation

    2020 has been a year of time compression for many disciplines. I was engaged by Dairy Queen several years ago and part of that engagement was to design what the Dairy Queen shopping experience would be seven to 10 years in the future. In speaking with my client at Dairy Queen during this past year, she stated that many of the experiences we projected would take seven to 10 years to adopt and implement have taken seven to 10 months! It took a microbe to force cultural and behavioral change - forced innovation. Every sector of our economy should take heed -- have the guts to innovate or become a footnote in the pages of retail history.
  • Posted on: 12/16/2020

    Are retailers facing a no-win decision in mandating vaccines for workers?

    Freedom of choice is a fundamental right here in the U.S. That said, there is a concern when someone's choice adversely affects my right to live safely - as stated in the Declaration of Independence - "...endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." There is no doubt that if and when a retailer can assure, and actively promote to, their shoppers and customers that all their associates have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus, that this will provide tremendous confidence to their shoppers and their brand.
  • Posted on: 12/03/2020

    Are endless aisles more trouble than they’re worth for retailers?

    The concept of "endless aisle" is a way for retailers to convince themselves and their customers that they can leverage their distribution relationships and be a "one-stop shop" for their shoppers. Just because you give your shopper access to a kiosk doesn't mean anything. A better strategy is a focused merchandising and brand strategy along with intelligent customer service.
  • Posted on: 12/02/2020

    Sephora to set up shops in 850 Kohl’s stores

    Sephora has become a shopping destination magnet and anywhere they open their umbrella is going to be beneficial for those in close proximity. Having both Sephora and Amazon under their roof makes Kohl's a winning brick-and-mortar retailer. I would suggest they add a UPS counter to that mix and their stores will become a very powerful ecosystem.
  • Posted on: 11/23/2020

    Will home furnishings soon be a ‘digital-first business’?

    If my 23-year old daughter is any indication, then home furnishings and decor purchases will certainly be a digital-first business. Dining room table, frames, shelving, sofa, coffee table, security system, cabinet - all purchased online. Also noteworthy is that "free shipping" is a priority when it comes to selection. Another fascinating observation is the number of these larger items that were disassembled and returned!
  • Posted on: 11/19/2020

    Do masks and social distancing matter in 2020 Christmas spots?

    Hollywood, and indeed advertising, thrives on the willing suspension of disbelief. However, given the fact that over 250,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus, I believe brands could still be creative, entertaining, and deliver commercial results by representing the truth of our times. I seems to me that a simple gesture of wearing a mask could, in fact, be giving and sharing the greatest gift of all - life.
  • Posted on: 11/17/2020

    Will Amazon’s new online pharmacy disrupt the U.S. drugstore business?

    The biggest hurdle for Amazon will be to incentivize people who have established pharmacy accounts with Walgreens and/or CVS with their doctors. Between that and the "drive-thru" immediacy that is the current normal, it will be a challenge. That being said, I have no doubt that Amazon has the fiscal shoulders, innovative drive, commitment and time to will their way to success.
  • Posted on: 11/13/2020

    Should C-suite execs keep their opinions to themselves on store visits?

    The issues that create the criticisms are typically created and/or controlled by management. Front line employees are typically meeting the lowest common denominator set by management. Management should engage and observe and view their stores as a reflection of themselves and their inspiration and expectations. Leading by example and encouragement is always more beneficial.
  • Posted on: 11/13/2020

    Chipotle’s expansion plans include adding ‘digital-only’ restaurants to its menu

    The past 10 months have proven that eliminating traditional in-store service has not adversely affected QSR sales. In fact, focusing exclusively on drive thru, BOPIS, and delivery is proving to be good for business. DBI, McDonald's, and Inspire Brands are all pivoting and focusing their new designs on these digital channels. I jokingly stated three years ago that the QSR of the future would be a Conex box with a drive up window. Surprisingly, a microbe has turned this into a reality!
  • Posted on: 11/11/2020

    Will self-driving, electric vehicles power Walmart’s contactless delivery future?

    Experimenting, testing, and trials will continue but self-driving delivery services on a widespread basis are not in our near future. As long as autonomous vehicles share public roadways with real-people the viable and safe use of this technology is a long way down the road. Whether on the road or in the air, in the near future, these autonomous vehicles will find their use in defined communities such as within a healthcare or corporate campus. Not to mention the challenges with security- we will experience a new age of pirating where people will intercept and steal the contents of these autonomous vehicles.
  • Posted on: 11/10/2020

    Will Ulta shops turn Target into a beauty destination?

    This is a partnership that will be terrific for both brands. It will be interesting to see the impact that online shopping will have on overall sales. Will cosmetics shoppers still need the physical store to make their purchases? Having both share the same roof will certainly help both retailers get the most out of their real estate.
  • Posted on: 11/09/2020

    AI poses a leadership test for business

    First and foremost, they have to trust the numbers. In my work, people like to use AI as a buzzword but the beneficiaries simply don't trust the science. They still believe that 30 years of experience is more accurate. It's not. The proper use of the appropriate data will help you run your business more profitably. Dashboards don't help your business - using the insights in a meaningful way will.
  • Posted on: 11/09/2020

    Should Trader Joe’s have gone public with COVID-19 rates?

    The statistics and facts are in the public mainstream. To think that there aren't front line retail workers in those 100,000 positive tests per day is naive. Shoppers want and expect transparency. By informing their shoppers, Trader Joe's is letting them know that they are mindful and keeping their employees and shoppers as safe and informed as possible.
  • Posted on: 10/27/2020

    Chipotle battles escalating delivery costs

    Surprising the customer with a higher than expected charge is never a good thing. Letting your customer know about the additional service fees upfront AND making certain that the service is exceptional and worth the extra charge will always be the most successful option. I believe that the best long-term option for the restaurant sector is developing an amazing BOPIS experience. Designing and implementing an ordering experience followed by a pick-up process that caters to this is the future of restaurants. This includes not only the on-location experience but food presentation and packaging - throwing items in a styrofoam clam-shell is NOT the answer.

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