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Adriana Krasniansky

Vice President, Caravel
Adriana is VP of Marketing for Caravel, the conversational AI for eCommerce stores. Caravel is an e-commerce SaaS startup based in Portland, Oregon and NYC. In addition to managing marketing efforts, Adriana leads the team's explorations around data, AI, and society, supports healthy data practices, and builds teamwide diversity initiatives.
  • Posted on: 03/22/2019

    Are people investments paying off for retailers?

    Well-trained and emotionally intelligent frontline employees are retailers' frontline against commoditization and competition. That frontline extends not only to stores, but also to online customer experience associates. At Caravel, we actually leverage the paradigm of expert associates as the model and inspiration for our conversational AI. Any digital or automated interaction with customers should be inspired by the stellar employees forging emotional relationships with your customers.
  • Posted on: 03/22/2019

    The rise of the chief artificial intelligence officer

    There seem to be two axes of AI involvement for any company that's serious about its implementation: 1) The role of AI across the organization, such as its application for consumer-facing interactions, backend integrations (security, for example), or supply chain and logistics. Streamlining initiatives across these teams helps to manage AI product or vendor costs and share insights and best practices for consistency. 2) The depth of AI at each vertical, which involves the analytics pyramid mentioned in this article (foundational analytics vs. moonshots) as well as considerations such as ethics and long-term roadmap. Whether it's C-Level or VP-Level (likely under the CTO, as technology integration will be a chief consideration), a role that manages both perspectives stands to be highly valuable for companies serious about driving the most value with AI within their business.
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