Alexis Clarfield-Henry

Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Posted on: 03/29/2017

    Does Amazon need bricks to make its online grocery business click?

    Amazon's continued expansion into brick-and-mortar with the launch of AmazonFresh Pickup reinforces the need for traditional grocery retailers to offer a full omni-channel experience that allows customers to shop anyway they want. Amazon has cracked the code on a convenient shopping experience and they're quickly extending this into grocery. The result will be a redefined set of consumer expectations around how quickly and easily they can get their groceries -- in whichever way they feel like shopping that day. And with 68% of online shoppers willing to switch grocers for a better digital experience, Amazon is starting to look like more and more of a real threat to traditional retailers. Our advice? Move today and move quickly. Your brand likely already has great resonance with your shoppers, so now it's about expanding your offering to give them what they want, and expect!
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