Andrew Sharpe

Chief Executive Storyteller, BRANDSPANK
ANDREW SHARPE is the founder & Chief Executive Storyteller for BRANDSPANK Retailer Marketing and an award-winning marketing strategist. He is the Immediate-Past President and also the former Director of Thought Leadership with the BC Chapter of the American Marketing Association (BCAMA). A self-described retail marketing insight-er, Andrew is a regular blog contributor to influential consumer marketing sites and a recurring on-air guest on both CBC and Global news—for retail and marketing related topics. He’s has presented at various conferences and marketing events throughout North America—from Anchorage Alaska to Anaheim California and from Victoria BC to Toronto Ontario. For over 20 years (including working client-side as interim Director of Marketing with a national franchised company), Andrew has been instrumental at developing brands and creating compelling stories for dozens of regional, national and international retail organizations. If he had to create a tag line for himself, it would be: Always Thinking.
  • Posted on: 07/11/2018

    Is your culture your brand?

    Today it's no longer simply about telling people what makes you different, it's about having people experience your difference for themselves. As a result customer experience has been touted, justifiably, as the most important point of difference for a brand. And establishing a culture that is committed to bringing the brand's promise to life at every touch point is essential for creating a unique and relevant brand experience. But you can't just switch on culture; IMO you need to build the brand from within through internal brand engagement and empowering team members to identify and develop ways for delivering the brand's promise in their own way. As Life Is Good CEO Bert Jacobs said "Branding is knowing who you are...and acting like it."
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