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Andrew Long

Industry Solutions and CX Strategy, Amperity
I help companies better serve their customers with data, and I lead Industry Solutions and CX Strategy at customer data platform provider Amperity. Prior to Amperity, I have held leadership roles in marketing technology, operations and analytics at Best Buy and Expedia. And I have also held product leadership roles at technology companies such as Amazon Web Services, Oracle, IBM, and various start-ups.
  • Posted on: 12/05/2019

    Why are brands so bad at identity resolution?

    Identity resolution has been treated as an IT process instead of a business driver. But this is changing. 1. Solutions have been too narrow in scope because (a) it historically started out as a solution to the ad targeting problem, and (b) pulling & assembling data from disparate data silos is expensive and slow. 2. And solutions for identity were treated as a silo separated from how brands want to interact with their consumer -- marketing thinks of identity as an IT tool -- IT often tries to solve for identity without connecting to business initiatives. 3. CDPs (full disclosure: I work for Amperity) are finally converging on a solution that meets the needs of IT, analytics, and marketing to resolve disparate customer records into a single, accurate profile, with stable ID, unlock new customer insights and predictive models to grow CLV, and allowing marketers to activate that profile anywhere a consumer interacts with the brand as they move across channels.
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