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Angel brght

  • Posted on: 01/20/2022

    Will Meijer’s free grocery delivery gesture be rewarded by customers?

    Speaking as a customer of most of these delivery service companies, I can tell you most customers will always be on the lookout for free in any facet of buying, or services. Instacart is the most expensive, hence they are the bottom of the list when I use grocery delivery. Meijer is my go to; I spend lots of money there. I order from them, and what I pay online is the same in store. Delivery fee, and a separate tip for my shopper. They go through Shipt, the shoppers are friendly, and very nice. Instacart has not only a delivery fee, but also a service fee. You will also see if buying from the store yourself, then buy from Instacart the same items and brands, you will find higher prices. Meijer is doing it right: what's better, having fair pricing and keep customer loyalty, or gauging the customer base because you know they'll come back? Like I said I use Meijer for my main shopping because of fair business practices, Instacart is last on my list.
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