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Jeff Berry

  • Posted on: 08/26/2016

    Are wearables on the way out?

    Wearables certainly have the potential to be a stronger force for customer behaviour change than they currently are. A recent COLLOQUY study suggests that only 1/3 of those that use a wearable device actually change their behaviour based on the result they are achieving, while 61% of those that thought wearables could be used for better health outcomes felt they were too old to use them. There is a perception because of product positioning that wearables are for younger, hip people who are on the leading edge of technology adoption. As we see, this is not the case. If used effectively by retailers, wearables are the perfect mechanism to better understand customers through user generated data. Offering details on what the customer did and what their intention was in using the device as well as providing real time access and the kind of triggers that are contextual and relevant are key elements of wearables success in retail. Current declines in adoption may be a result of single utility (counting steps but not much else) and limited interactive features. Retailers have the potential to take wearables to the next level and incorporate them into an enhanced shopping experience for their customers.
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