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Brenda Gilpatrick

  • Posted on: 12/09/2016

    Will e-gifting replace gift cards?

    It's a great idea, but there's still work to be done on execution to ensure that it scales. Often, only certain products qualify and awareness still is limited. Go to one of the participating retailers' websites and seek out information on how to use it — you'll be hard-press to find it. What makes a ton of sense is marrying this idea with services where gift-giving is a natural component and there's already a sizable audience. Jifiti, another company offering digital gifting services, has integrated with Anyone receiving an invite through evite can send a specially-curated digital gift to the honoree with the click of a couple of buttons. It also makes sense for CPG products that can't be gifted any other way. Oreo launched a gifting site this holiday season. All the giver has to do is pick out the product they want to gift and then send it to their recipient by email or text. No address needed. What a great way for Oreo to build brand engagement. Imagine how digital gift giving can create inventory and fulfillment efficiencies for many products and brands, while still delivering a really fun consumer experience both for giver and recipient.
  • Posted on: 08/01/2016

    Are retailers missing marketing opportunities with gift cards?

    It's a logical question you are asking, but the reason that retailers aren't acquiring personal information (particularly for recipients) is escheat laws. Many states require parties managing unclaimed property to contact the property holder prior to escheat, sometimes multiple times. It's not as much of a factor with the purchaser, but it can be. Furthermore, it can impact gift card breakage recognition. This is one of the reasons why retailers outsource fulfillment for both plastic and digital cards. This is a terrific opportunity for third parties to manage this type of marketing on behalf of retailers.
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