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Bill Davis

Director, MB&G Consulting

Bill has been involved in multi-channel retail systems definition, design and development since the mid-90s when eCommerce started to emerge.  He was employee #7 at NetMarket which was widely recognized for processing the first secure transaction over the WWW in 8/94.

After the launch of numerous eCommerce sites, it became clear more was needed to fully enable eCommerce, such as offering inventory availability, dynamic shipping prices based on service level and customer’s location, order state visibility, etc.  As a result, Bill started migrating into supply chain systems definition, design and development in both B2C and B2B with i2 Technologies and Endura Software to more effectively enable multi-channel retailing.  While that kept him busy for the next decade plus, a different challenge began to emerge.

Bill noticed that the retailers/distributors he was working with had a tendency to keep their sales channels independent of one another.  More often than not this meant the systems used in one sales channel were different than those in another.  This observation started Bill on the next leg of his journey which is helping retailers integrate their sales channels to provide a richer customer experience as well as a more effective systems infrastructure.  Since 2011 Bill has focused his attention on omni-channel retailing as that’s where he believes retailing is headed over the next decade.

Bill has a MBA from the University of Washington (Seattle), a BA from the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and a diploma from The Roxbury Latin School.

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