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Bill Meyer

Planning & Development Director at City of Rock Hill
  • Posted on: 10/10/2017

    Will Lidl follow Aldi’s path in the U.S. – or Tesco’s?

    Our local Lidl opened a couple of weeks ago. It is mobbed and the local buzz is generally very positive. The location is in a growing area with high traffic about a mile from an Aldi and Publix. I have been shocked at their inability to keep the store stocked. Granted they have been super busy, but they should have been prepared for that. I have not been impressed with many of the employees. They seem less friendly than I am used to at Publix, especially what look to be the managers! I know they have avoided hiring older part-time labor (like I frequently see in the home improvement stores) in favor of green entry-level folks. They have lots of good items to attract the more affluent customer compared to Aldi, but they are no Trader Joe's. It's fine to carry a 90 cent can of organic kidney beans for those who want them, but give me a 60 cent can of regular beans for my chili. The hard goods are a pleasant surprise, but take up a little more space than necessary when broader food offerings would be desirable. Hopefully they will learn to adapt to our market. I like what I see but they need to really talk to their customers.
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