Brandon Boston

Senior 2D Designer
Brandon is a social, energetic, and passionate creative. As a Senior Designer he prides himself in developing compelling solutions for the industries most difficult problems. Identifying the heart of a brand and showing that to today’s consumers is something he specializes in. Brandon’s creative is always based on strategic insight, and is focused on bringing the brand to life—from the logo to the environment. He collaborates closely with Clients Services, Strategy, and Design colleagues to deliver on each objective. Brandon has been fortunate to work with some of the largest Global brands throughout his career. These include but are not limited to, Verizon, Goodyear, Shinsegae, Luxottica, Dell, & Sweetwater. As a key team member with the Verizon account, Brandon’s work contributed to several awards including the 2015 A.R.E. In-Store Communications Award. Above all else, Brandon enjoys FITCH and the challenges of developing realistic and satisfying solutions for each client he works with.
  • Posted on: 01/03/2018

    Kroger may have an Ace (Hardware) up its sleeve

    I completely agree. Is there a value add—potentially? Will this move the needle? In my opinion, no. Kroger's opportunity is to become a nimble home delivery distributor while creating an amazing test-and-try marketplace in-store. Surely they can find a more dynamic partnership that fits within their current product offering.
  • Posted on: 11/20/2017

    Retailers get into Friendsgiving with Millennials

    Friendsgiving has embodied the holiday spirit more for me than Thanksgiving ever has. I think personal family dynamics play a major role in how a Friendsgiving is perceived. With that said, I do believe the retail impact could be profound with retailers (especially grocers) having an outstanding opportunity to help friends make amazing meals. As Millennial budgets increase and tastes are refined, I see Friendsgiving becoming a staple around holiday season with retailers playing key roles in bringing these events to life in new and unsuspected ways.
  • Posted on: 09/27/2017

    Kohl’s sets CEO succession plan

    Purposeful digital and expert merchandising are key factors in the future of retail but will not turn the tide completely. Kohl's and its leadership must focus on becoming more agile, targeting the correct customers and positioning their retail footprint to meet the demands of the market.
  • Posted on: 09/05/2017

    Will burger and fitness partnerships reinforce Hy-Vee’s mission?

    Hy-Vee gets it. An ecosystem built around food, fitness, health and wellness. This is the lifestyle future customers want and deserve. The Orangetheory partnership attracts daily guests, the restaurant provides a quality and quick food option, and the grocery helps prepare the customer for the week.
  • Posted on: 09/05/2017

    Five pain points grocers must address to survive in an Amazon/Whole Foods world

    Cutting SKUs is the most crucial factor brought to light in this article. Target your SKUs to your audience. Use the data gathered on sales today to influence your product offering tomorrow. Fewer SKUs means more agility. Additionally, providing another level of experience is crucial. Restaurant concepts, grab-and-go, bar dining and personal shopping are the standard today. How can grocery leverage and improve these in the future?
  • Posted on: 08/28/2017

    Does Best Buy now have its own summer Black Friday?

    I can't get over the feeling that events like these are more of a gimmick than a long-term solution. Best Buy needs to think beyond promotion and offer an in-store experience that stirs the emotions of their consumer. Customers need to have a reason to come back to the store other than price -- otherwise e-tail giants like Amazon will always have the upper hand.
  • Posted on: 07/26/2017

    Will Hy-Vee’s new c-store concept redefine convenience in the Twin Cities?

    Consumers are ready. I believe the concept will take on a large bodega feel. Fresher food options supplied by the larger store for breakfast and lunch with more traditional product offerings for the lower-income shopper. The challenge traditional convenience stores have is breaking the stigma and proving that prepared food can actually be good tasting and good to eat. In addition, brands can't alienate their core shopper by over-pricing or over-branding. I think Hy-Vee's equity in the supermarket category will help them with this transition.
  • Posted on: 07/26/2017

    Can in-store experiences save retail?

    I don't believe you can make a "unique" in-store experience without a focused understanding of your target customer's data and analytics. The art of a great experience is understanding exactly how to help your customer achieve their goals with your product. How can you do this without a deep knowledge of your customer?
  • Posted on: 07/25/2017

    How should retailers reinvent the center store?

    As a Millennial shopper I view the center of the store as a "no shop zone." The food items located in this area have the perception of being unhealthy and the dry goods are much more infrequent ticket items. While there is value in choice, often grocery retailers are bogged down by endless SKUs. I look at Aldi as a shining example of a business model that helps the customer save money through simplification and agility. If a brand with a higher equity on freshness followed suit I believe that would be a winning combination.
  • Posted on: 07/24/2017

    Do consumers want to be recognized across channels?

    These statistics reveal two things. The first, customers do not want to be "sold" to all of the time. The second, customers want to purchase product when they need it and have it in their hands right away. Establishing a brand voice that speaks to customers within the appropriate touchpoints rather than ALL touchpoints will be paramount.
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