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Babs Ryan

Retail Principal, ThoughtWorks Retail
Head of Retail (store/branch) Engagement Strategy Consumer Behavior Analyst (tying to profitability) Retail, Financial Services, Automotive, Mobile/Digital, Gaming, Loyalty, Customer Experience Traveled in 80+ countries; 6 U.S. patent applications Surrounded by a team of passionate ThoughtWorkers who build the right things, then build them right. We who produce revolutionary, disruptive innovation, and deliver custom agile technology, faster -- MUCH faster. Global customer growth and innovation expert serving ambitious retailers and financial services providers.
  • Posted on: 10/25/2016

    It’s the Millennials’ world

    In the same breath as "personalization," we're discussing Millennials and Boomers (age groups) as if they are segments, like horoscope signs. With big data, data science, analytics, and the magic of technology, we are all "segments of one." Statements above that Millennials stated things like “I want this to be specific to my needs (which you should know),” “I want content that engages me...." people of every age say that! Do we really believe that age groups that have 15-year spans are what we should be designing for? Age groups? What appeals to any age group is continually ITERATING, superior, unique and better products and services. It's why we're still shopping at Whole Foods, buying American Girl dolls and waiting in line for the latest iPhones. I'd love to read more about unique, world-beating products and services retailers create and less conversation about how massive age groups are dominating a "marketing landscape" — whatever that means.
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