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VP Product Solutions, OSF Digital
  • Posted on: 06/04/2021

    Does every online retailer need to have a third-party marketplace?

    We all saw the big announcements about how marketplaces hit $2.67 trillion U.S. -- and are now 62 percent of e-commerce sales. Marketplaces are becoming a growing piece of retail overall. So it's best to embrace it early. Mostly, I see tremendous upside in launching a third-party marketplace. You get to curate the vendors on it, and expand your product offering to your clients. Plus you get a take of the GMV. Yes - you have to be vigilant about the vendor's quality, service levels, return rates, etc., but that's part of the game. Expand your offering, take no inventory holding risk (vendor's stock), and you get a portion of the sale to enhance your own gross margins! What's not to love?
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