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VP Marketing, PebblePost
Celeste is VP Marketing at PebblePost, overseeing brand experience and expression across all channels. She brings two decades of marketing strategy and messaging for leading media and digital solutions as well as a career as a successful freelance writer. Prior to PebblePost, Celeste spent five years at Tremor Video, a premium video marketplace for buyers and sellers of video advertising. She held several roles in developing the company’s voice from startup to IPO, including Senior Director, Corporate Marketing & Creative; Senior Director of Sales Marketing; Marketing Creative Services Director and Copy Director. Celeste also served as a senior storyteller across major media and publishing companies including Bloomberg Businessweek, IAC Advertising Solutions, and Forbes. Celeste holds an M.A. in English Literature from Columbia University, and a B.A. in English from Georgetown University. Celeste is an avid patron of theatre, voracious reader and wanna-be playwright / sous chef. To learn more, visit:
  • Posted on: 08/20/2018

    Is the time ripe for Google stores?

    You beat me to the punch, Joanna and Lauren. Education could be a real standout component for Google. On-site classes on everything from how to set up your Chromebook to (as you mentioned) AdWords tutorials. A physical presence could also help spread wider awareness of the tech they're experimenting with at their developer conferences.
  • Posted on: 08/02/2018

    Wayfair to open its first brick & mortar store

    Nearly 90 percent of retail purchases happen in the physical world. As much ground as e-commerce gains, the fact remains that physical retail is in fact very much alive. As Charles pointed out, omnichannel is a smart strategy for these high AOV, considered purchases. I see it as a benefit that consumers want to touch and feel and see IRL the furniture that they'll touch and see and feel in their homes for a long time.
  • Posted on: 07/09/2018

    Amazon lowballs CVS and Walgreens on OTC med prices

    I agree, Susan. CVS has launched MinuteClinics in many of its locations to provide immediate walk-in care for locals. Most consumers seek advice from their pharmacists when purchasing OTC drugs and it will be hard to replace that human connection. Cheap isn't always the answer.
  • Posted on: 06/25/2018

    Past browsing does not indicate future purchase

    Let's put a finer point on "browsing." If a consumer visited the home page and then bounced then no, personalization probably won't do much to persuade them to buy. However, if that same consumer went deep into the site's product pages, put a few items in the cart and then bounced, personalization has a strong change of converting them. As others have pointed out, frequency of the ad message is clutch. Inundating that consumer with reminders might not work but a respectful one-time message to incentivize them to return to your site may do the trick. Sure past purchase behavior is a great indicator of future buying habits but don't count browsing down and out either.
  • Posted on: 06/21/2018

    Are Stitch Fix and Trunk Club toast?

    The benefit of Stitch Fix and Trunk Club are the "human" element. Sorry, but Alexa is no substitute for the handwritten notes I receive along with my SF box each month. As one commenter pointed out, some months the stylist is off, but this is part of the fun IMHO. The other upside is, as a professional woman who hates to shop, someone else is doing it for me, like a real live human instead of AI/ML.
  • Posted on: 06/11/2018

    Brands win with TV 2.0 and the new direct mail

    Direct mail is far from dead as it's the second highest response medium. New forms of direct mail — as the USPS calls it "Digitally Reactive Direct Mail" — combine online intent with the power of direct mail. (Full disclosure, my company invented Programmatic Direct Mail®.) This is not the junk mail most consumers are used to. This new channel is based on relevancy and online intent and most importantly respect for the consumer and their experience, unlike the barrage of digital ads we're inundated with.
  • Posted on: 05/21/2018

    Will greater transparency drive a digital targeting backlash?

    Transparency is the right thing to do for digital advertising. Therefore it should be embraced no matter the consequences. Will consumers rise against the machines? Some may. How many consumers actually read the privacy policies on the sites they visit? I'd venture to guess very few. That doesn't mean we as an industry shouldn't embrace more relevant advertising and commit ourselves to substantially improving the consumer experience.
  • Posted on: 05/17/2018

    Managing the dark side of workplace friendships

    It's a great perk if you're friends or friendly with those you work with. But it's a "work"place and I do see how friendships could alienate others in volunteering for projects or feeling like their voice is heard. It's up to the manager and the leadership team to recognize signs of exclusionary behavior and ensure professionalism and respect in the workplace.
  • Posted on: 05/02/2018

    J Sainsbury CEO’s singing hits a sour note on social media

    Seriously. He's clearly prepping himself for the interview. This is not news.
  • Posted on: 04/25/2018

    UPS partners with retailers in launch of Groupon-like rewards program

    Agree, Evan. I am a UPS My Choice customer and I can't say I care about whether or not there are deals offered. The value to me is knowing when my packages will arrive. Period. The end. And like you said, I have zero say in which delivery choice the retailer makes.
  • Posted on: 04/18/2018

    Best Buy and Amazon expand their coopetition

    It's a great deal for Amazon as it enables them to expand their physical footprint without the pain e.g., real estate, employees, etc. Also good upside for Best Buy as consumers who prefer to buy in-store can test out products and potentially increase purchase through that physical location. 90% of retail purchases are still made in store despite ecommerce's growth. Seems pretty smart of Amazon to me.
  • Posted on: 04/17/2018

    Does Walmart need to keep around? serves as an entry point to customers Walmart frankly doesn't attract. Will it be around 5 years from now? That's anyone's guess but for now, Walmart should seize this opportunity to learn everything about the consumers who are loyal to and integrate those insights into its overall strategy.
  • Posted on: 03/20/2018

    Will it always be about price for Gen Z?

    Making assumptions about Gen Z is risky IMHO. The more we as marketers talk to -- and listen to -- our target audiences, the better.
  • Posted on: 03/19/2018

    Partnership gives a free Lyft to pharmacy customers

    Makes perfect sense for CVS who has not been shy about investing in their customers' health. First step was the Minute Clinic, which others have noted may be the only health provider some folks see, and now offering rides to those communities. Good on CVS.
  • Posted on: 03/08/2018

    A retailer’s Instagram-worthy packaging creates social buzz and sales

    Two high-end online shoe brands come to mind immediately: Tieks has fantastic packaging for a high-end fantastic product. As does M.Gemi. Both feel very personalized to the individual consumer — and the product quality matches the thoughtfulness of the packaging. M.Gemi writes your name on a personal card on the inside of the shoe box so you feel like these shoes were made expressly for you. Is the goal to help them go viral? I highly doubt it. The goal is to live the value of the product through every possible touchpoint, including delivery of that product.
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