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Owner Cathy Frank Designs
  • Posted on: 04/15/2022

    Locals fight to keep warehouses out of their neighborhoods

    Having been on the ground opposing the mega-warehouse here in Churchill, I would like to speak to a few points raised. Many do not realize the scope of these distribution centers and just how damaging to local residents health and small town infrastructure they can be. These are not vans and cars, these are 1,360 18 wheeler tractor trailer trips per day, on roads (narrow and winding) built for local traffic. Imagine, if you will, having a 24/7 truck depot 20 feet from your front door. Our local preservation, traffic and sewage agencies have been critical of how such a massive operation would impact our small borough. Some have not even signed off on being able to service such a facility -- and yet our borough voted 5-2 to allow it. This is not a case of NIMBY, this is a case of not in ANYONE'S residential backyard. More appropriate, and heck, common sense land usage can be employed without ruining our beautiful spaces where there is a dense population center that will definitely be harmed. An industrial park is where these operations need to be.
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