Chemi Katz

Co-founder & CEO, Namogoo
Chemi Katz is the co-founder and CEO of Namogoo. With over 17 years of experience in the security, commerce and advertising spaces, Chemi is an experienced visionary and a serial entrepreneur regarded for building disruptive technologies.
  • Posted on: 12/18/2017

    Will chatbots replace customer service reps?

    Chatbots are successful in providing quick information to customers and will only get better over time as the natural language processing and machine learning algorithms backing them improve. For simple inquiries, they provide customers with quick answers and save shoppers time -- as a chat bot will never put you on hold unless it can’t answer your question. While we’re relatively far away from bots entirely replacing humans, retailers should deploy strategies that play to their strengths in the short-term. From the statistics displayed in the article, interaction efficiency was the overwhelming response from customers in why they appreciate chatbot deployment. For example, retailers can use bots to collect background information on an inquiry prior to transferring the customer to a representative or completely automate simple tasks like tracking an order’s status. Until the technology behind chatbots can solve complex customer problems, brands should use a hybrid approach to let bots do what they’re best at (saving time for customers) and let humans take care of the rest.
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