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Chris Teso

Founder & CEO of Chirpify
  • Posted on: 04/28/2017

    Will chatbots drive a ‘conversational commerce’ trend?

    We've been building chatbots since 2011, and invented in-stream social and chat payments, so this topic is very close to home. Conversational and social commerce has really not evolved at all since then. There are many reasons for this, the majority of which have to do with a consumer mindset while on these channels. The medium does not lend itself to a good experience when shopping or purchase decision is the context. Other reasons are just as important. To date there has been no person responsible for social/convo commerce internally at a brand. Neither the e-commerce, nor the social team are tasked with driving this. So there has been no buyer or owner for this solution internally. That may change, but at a slow evolution. If it does, I agree with you Bill. Purchases will be driven by familiarity. What is working on these channels is brands providing consumers utility, customer service, and connecting these experiences to other business systems such as CRM and Loyalty programs. After all, consumers these days are measuring brands on just how much utility they provide. More on this here.
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