Brad Marg

Chief Operating Officer at Clutch
Brad Marg is a passionate marketing technology executive with extensive experience in retail operations, strategic development, process optimization, organizational change and scalability for both enterprise and emerging growth organizations. At Clutch, Brad serves as chief operating officer, overseeing operations, finance, and marketing for the business. His primary focus is on delivering outstanding experiences for clients and customers across retail, apparel, hospitality, and other select industries. Prior to Clutch Brad held various operation leadership roles for Aramark.
  • Posted on: 08/29/2016

    How much loyalty do off-pricers have?

    An off-pricer is looking for value; that’s obvious, but what isn’t being noted is if customers perceive all retailers of these goods as the same. TJX may have a higher perceived offering than Ross in the eyes of the customer, but lower than Nordstrom Rack. If these brands can better understand the consumers that shop at their stores, they can be more strategic in their offerings and highly targeted in their marketing efforts.
  • Posted on: 08/25/2016

    Will third time be the charm as grocer changes loyalty program again?

    Retailers must first understand, clearly define, and then share internally the goals of their loyalty program. There must be a purpose, given the effort, resource utilization, and cost of program. Prior to the program launch, the brand must also ensure that there is perceived benefit to the consumer. This benefit can take many forms — discounts, early access to a new line or sale, or even inclusion into a special event. No matter its substance, it needs to have value to the consumer. If it doesn't, consumers will show their displeasure and the business will be forced to either change the program or cancel it — neither of which are great outcomes. Ideally, a brand either knows or obtains the rewards that would make consumers excited. If they do it well, the program will provide years of insights for the brand.
  • Posted on: 08/15/2016

    Is brick & mortar ready to leverage in-store shopper data?

    As brick & mortar retailers understand more about the value that their e-commerce sites provide in terms of consumer data, they will look to mirror the data collected. Additionally, as technology advances, they will find it easier and more efficient to obtain the details that will lead to better understanding. Better in-store insights will lead to a change in category management practices across the board. It’s an evolution that brands need to understand and address.
  • Posted on: 08/11/2016

    Will happy hour deals bring Chipotle’s customers back?

    Chipotle can be fixed, but it will most likely never return to its glory days of supremacy over other QSR restaurants. A brand built on quality ingredients will have a much harder time recovering from a food scare than one built on price and discounts like fast food. Their target demographic has a lot of options, and now an excuse to try other restaurants focused on quality and not price. Chipotle must reset by growing their current customers and asking them to refer friends back to the brand. This can be done by implementing a permanent loyalty program that personalizes offers and promotes incentives for customer referrals. A great way to build trust, or regain it, is by leveraging customers who are already loyal to you.
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