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C Davis

  • Posted on: 12/20/2022

    Would Kroger’s smart apron calm your holiday cooking anxieties?

    Sounds like a Christmas time "April Fools" joke like bacon-flavored Scope or RedBox DVD shaped deli meat.
  • Posted on: 04/29/2022

    Walmart’s customers love its low prices but still have gripes

    This may be the experience at newer stores, but your description is totally foreign to my experience at Walmart Supercenters in both the Midwest and Southeast. Instead of well-stocked and tidy, taking my elderly mom to Walmart for groceries is like going to a bombed out warehouse with slim pickings for core items. Many of the non-food aisles are like obstacle courses where 2 carts barely fit side-by-side under the best of circumstances, but now impossible with a floor either littered with discarded items or pallets waiting to be stocked by employees they need to hire. It was like this before COVID and has only deteriorated with supply and labor issues. My mom's only answer to why she still shops that awful store is "because it's the cheapest."
  • Posted on: 03/16/2022

    Will Target Zero help guide sustainable choices?

    No surprise that Target is stepping up in this area, but overall, it's a refresh of their 2014 "Made to Matter" program that did the same thing except it also included a focus on natural and organic, beyond sustainability. MTM seemed to fade away 4-5 years ago, so now post-pandemic, it's high time to bring the idea back. It could have been sooner, but sustainability took a back seat during COVID when we were all disinfecting everything in sight.
  • Posted on: 09/09/2021

    Will Just Walk Out tech work for Whole Foods?

    My thoughts exactly. Isn't it cheaper to invest in smart carts that don't require major store retrofitting but practically allow one to just walk out?
  • Posted on: 08/20/2019

    Can local artists help Target create community support?

    This will get Target good PR for each store opening, but nothing more unless they do what others have suggested around promoting the artist. They are simply copying what Trader Joe's does in all of their stores. Perhaps they could host a parking lot street fair of sorts to promote local artists so as to not disrupt the assortment/logistics inside the store.
  • Posted on: 10/03/2018

    Will the Kroger/Walgreens pilot lead to something really big?

    The bigger headline is that Walgreens will be carrying Simple Truth items. This further cements the brand as a national brand vs. private label. However, the logistical nightmare and extra costs for Kroger to deliver online grocery orders to Walgreens stores doesn't make much sense especially when testing in the Cincinnati metro where Kroger and Walgreens are everywhere:
    • Do small Walgreens stores have enough room to store the orders and deal with perishable items?
    • Why would a shopper want to go into a Walgreens store and deal with a typically slow checkout process vs. just using the ClickList service in the Kroger parking lot?
    • And if an order is incorrect or items are damaged, the shopper will likely have to drive to a Kroger store to get the problem fixed at the source. How is this easier?
    It's great that Kroger is testing novel ideas and not resting on its laurels, but this seems like more of a potential problem than a solution for most shoppers?
  • Posted on: 11/10/2017

    Has Google solved the problem of long lines at grocery checkouts?

    The methodology to determine wait times seems very iffy. Knowing your location and that you are inside a store or restaurant is one thing, but is Google able to pinpoint the exact location within the stores to know that you are actually waiting in line to checkout? What if you are waiting at the deli counter or standing still having a conversation with someone in the store? Similarly, how does Google know when you actually sit down at your table at a restaurant vs. sitting in the waiting area?
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