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Dan Farmer

VP Retail Solutions, Unata
  • Posted on: 12/29/2016

    Will online grocery gain traction in 2017?

    We do see online grocery gaining momentum in the US in 2017 and beyond. Unata's annual eGrocery Forecast findings (to be published mid-late January) are showing that the number of consumers who bought groceries online in 2016 doubled from the year prior to 19%, and will increase again to 31% in 2017. More and more consumers are open to buying their groceries online, but their expectations are high. Retailers need to focus on creating that seamless, personalized omni-channel shopping experience that allows their consumers to shop however they like, whenever they like, from wherever they like. That includes creating a digital experience that caters to and recommends all types of products, including those smaller one-off specialty items and impulse purchases.
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