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David Zahn

Owner ZAHN Consulting, LLC

David Zahn – President of ZAHN Consulting, LLC a sales training consulting firm. David has over 75 clients and 100 assignments to his credit over a 10 year consulting career (for clients as diverse as 3M, Bantam Doubleday Dell, Castrol, Dr Pepper/7UP, G-Tech, Hallmark, Ocean Spray, Novartis, and Nestle). Prior to consulting, David was responsible for developing educational materials and sales training for Symbol Technologies,a manufacturer of bar code laser scanner and hand-held computing products. David is a frequent contributor to industry publications and has been a columnist and author for subjects as wide ranging as Consulting Skillls, New Item Introductions, Category Management, and Training Design, Facilitation, and Evaluation. Additionally, David is a much requested presenter of key note speeches at industry conferences.

He is often seen running through airports, criss-crossing the country publicizing his two books, “The Quintessential Guide To Using Consultants” and “How To Succeed As An Independent Consultant.” To hear some of the his interviews, please click on the website

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