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Dave Brewer

Human Resources & Operations
Dave was most recently Vice President of Store Operations for Belk, Inc. Dave has almost 30 years’ experience in the retail industry with multitude of roles in stores and corporate positions including officer roles with Stores, Omnichannel, and Store Operations. He is a graduate of Indiana University.
  • Posted on: 11/03/2017

    Large brands and retailers expand the subscription economy

    Brands and retailers are launching subscription services in order to drive new growth opportunities. While it may be a small percentage today, it could grow significantly. Especially for smaller/newer brands looking to grow their recognition. I see at least two challenges for the personalization economy (subscription services) to be able to retain the customer beyond the initial delivery. First will be how much they can surprise the customer with the curated assortments. How much they deliver what the customer truly will want/need. Achieving this through data analytics and using AI with understanding the customer and their interests will be key. Second will be how much those curated assortments can provide breadth, specialization, and differentiation over time. Getting the same items every month/quarter may get old after a few deliveries. Understanding how to "surprise" the customer with freshness will be important. Amazon with its breadth will likely be able to be the most successful, however, brands that have a great story and great following should be able to drive their own successes in the new subscription model.
  • Posted on: 10/26/2017

    Nike turns its back on ‘undifferentiated, mediocre’ retailers

    Pulling back on your distribution and creating more "demand" can generate value that will translate into margin and profitability. The fact that Nike is also looking to feature a significant percentage of "unique" product on is one massive way for better and luxury brands to stem the Amazon tide. When I want that "unique" running shoe, I will be happy to go to to get it (Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%?).
  • Posted on: 10/23/2017

    Should the holiday selling season be retired?

    I wouldn't! If retailers could smooth out their sales across the year, they would reap immense value from this (consistent staffing, consistent distribution chain, etc.) However, retail is not smooth, it is cyclical, weather driven, and most of all, event and holiday driven. Retailers have been trying to build up their traffic and sales outside of the holiday season for decades. So much so, that for most retailers, their marketing and promotional calendars are leveraged with campaigns almost every single day. While there can be smaller moves and plays to perhaps deleverage some holiday marketing spend into other times of the year, it still remains that the value driven by delivering during the holiday is much more exponential that it is during any other time of the year. The two keys to retailers maintaining and increasing comps outside of holiday are experience and product: Providing an experience (in-store and online) that drives the customer to visit and showcasing great differentiated product can support a retailer to many strength outside of holiday. Christmas in July is just not the same as Christmas in December.
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