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David Livingston

  • Posted on: 02/01/2018

    Will acquiring Kroger’s c-stores be more than Casey’s can handle?

    I'm starting to think this is another set up for failure similar to the Haggen-Albertsons deal. Casey's falls in the mediocre category of c-stores. Acquiring a group of stores that a successful company like Kroger doesn't want is a big red flag.
  • Posted on: 01/26/2018

    What will 7-Eleven do with all its new stores?

    I don't know, Dick. Economies of scale might not be enough. The 1990s called and they want their convenience stores back. Wawa, Kwik Trip and a few others designed to put the local gas stations out of business. I've seen a lot of dumpy 7-Elevens. Wawa's deli, Kwik Trip's $1 off gas and 38 cent per pound produce, free coffee days, etc. really drive traffic. The one-of-a-kind Tom's Thumb in Scottsdale, AZ with 100 octane gas, car detailing and signature sandwiches seem to be the future rather than the tired 7-Elevens.
  • Posted on: 01/23/2018

    Would Iceland’s equal pay law work in the U.S.?

    Iceland has an easier job at this. Women are more educated and marry later having fewer children. They tend to work more hours. Due to the outward migration after the financial collapse of their economy, they are now in need of workers, having to import from Norway or Poland. Women hold a much bigger bargaining stick in Iceland. Culturally, men and women often do not hold the same kinds of jobs so it is more difficult to compare. Those that can be compared are few, so much easier to regulate. I think this made bigger news outside of Iceland than inside.
  • Posted on: 01/11/2018

    Walmart CEO says ‘Happy New Year’ with pay raise for employees

    I think its more of a labor shortage issue than the benefit of the lowering of tax rates. Shareholders should have first crack at the tax savings from buy backs and dividend increases. A buck an hour or a $1,000 bonus doesn't go far.
  • Posted on: 01/11/2018

    ICE raids 7-Eleven stores to arrest illegal immigrants

    First only 21 "suspects" in 100 stores is pretty much zero and about as close to full compliance as you can get for any retailer. You could probably go into a half dozen Walmarts and find a lot more. This is a sensationalized story that should have minimal impact. Go into the kitchens of any fast casual restaurant and ICE will arrest plenty. In my opinion the real victims here are immigrant franchise owners. Other potential victims will be owners of hotel franchises like Hampton Inn or Super 8, etc., going after the housekeeping staff.
  • Posted on: 01/11/2018

    Kohl’s to share space with grocery store partner(s)

    When I worked for Roundy's we discussed doing a combo store with Kohl's in the early '90s. Of course it never happened. If you think Target is horrible at grocery, just imagine how bad Kohl's would be. I think it would be on a Sears Grand-esque level. Kohl's could not even get a coffee shop to work. Kohl's needs to focus on being Kohl's and I cannot see anyone who could be a good partner.
  • Posted on: 01/10/2018

    Whole Foods asks vendors to pay to play

    This could mean competitors like local natural food co-ops will have a better opportunity to differentiate themselves by having smaller and innovative brands to differentiate themselves from Whole Foods. Whole Foods' trash could be a competitor's treasure.
  • Posted on: 01/10/2018

    Should American Apparel bring its sexy image marketing back?

    Controversy and sexuality sells. They are simply going after our primal emotions. Certainly you must use models over 18, but they don't have to look their age. Does it really matter if the photos are touched up? It's just a segment of the business, like Victoria's Secret which has a certain customer base.
  • Posted on: 01/05/2018

    J.C. Penney is feeling merry about its Christmas performance

    "Going after Sears," now isn't that special? In retail you can play a lot of games with the numbers. I think J.C. Penney is on death watch despite what the press says. The closing of several more Sears stores won't do J.C. Penney much good. J.C. Penney is only a slightly better-run rummage sale than Sears.
  • Posted on: 01/05/2018

    Have Aldi and Lidl started a grocery price war in the U.S.?

    The big difference in Europe is Lidl has good locations. In the USA, they just took what was available, relying on poor site selection. Aldi scooped up the best sites across the street from Walmart a long time ago.
  • Posted on: 01/04/2018

    Have Aldi and Lidl started a grocery price war in the U.S.?

    I think Lidl will eventually pull out and find some kind of scapegoat, such as that the economy is too good or providing health care is too expensive. Anything but the competition.
  • Posted on: 01/03/2018

    Should Amazon have Target in its acquisition sights?

    Target desperately needs rescued. After their big failure in Canada and grocery being DOA 250 from their entrance, it's time to replace their ineffectual management with cutthroat capitalists that will push Target into the modern era.
  • Posted on: 12/26/2017

    Lululemon leans on personal development of associates

    I never realized that attending seminars was considered controversial. I certainly was required to back in the olden days when I worked in retail. Go along to get along. It's always good to have goals in all aspects of your life. I go to the gym just about every day and see a lot of satisfied customers.
  • Posted on: 12/12/2017

    Will meal kits be a hit on Walmart’s virtual shelves?

    I agree with Charles. Nothing more to add to his good analysis.
  • Posted on: 12/06/2017

    What can retailers do to prevent sexual harassment?

    Sexual harassment will continue but perhaps in a less subtle and dark way. The same way we have adapted to race and age discrimination. It will happen with no words spoken but rather with actions. I think it will evolve to where both men and women move beyond the sexual part and just call it harassment or bullying. Men suffer just as much but mostly from bullying by those in power, regardless of gender. I used to work in an office with two Daves. The VP was Big Dave and I was Little Dave. How do you think that made me feel? How did others perceive me psychologically, and what are the chances of anyone called "Little" of getting promoted?
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