Dustin McAdams

Founder/CEO, PupJoy
I make dogs happy.
  • Posted on: 12/19/2017

    Do pop-up efforts make sense for subscription box services?

    Great to see this article! I am one of the founders of I just returned tonight from a fun event that we hosted with PopBox and pet industry e-learning leader, FetchFind -- a festive holiday dog-friendly cocktail party. It was a fun celebration with a lot of adorable mutts. It drove some sales and I am sure that it helped provide us some awareness with the local community. But the real value is in the personal touch. And that is the value of Pop Box. We are in the business of experiences. We seek to be the best in the business of bringing joy to dogs and their parents. We've pushed a lot of boundaries in delivering customized options for the dog parent and we have an aggressive vision of where we grow a continuity focused e-commerce model. But the customer feedback we get from our normal channels - phone, text, chat, surveys, reviews, etc. -- have natural limitations. There is no substitute for shaking hands, petting a dog and talking to owners. They touch our products. Their dogs try our treats. And we have the opportunity to look them in the eyes and have a dialog. That is the value of Pop Box and the treading of e-commerce into retail. We get know the customer in a way that we typically don't. We get to be more personal.
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