Eric Porres

CMO, Sailthru
Eric Porres is the CMO for Sailthru, a provider of personalization software that helps companies acquire, grow, and retain customers. Prior to Sailthru, he was a CMO for Rocket Fuel, and during his tenure helped it scale revenue from $40MM to $400MM+ and complete an IPO with a peak enterprise value in excess of $2Bn. Eric previously was a founding partner of Underscore Marketing, and built the organization into a recognized Inc 5000 company. He was also a founder of Pericles Consulting, a political marketing firm that worked with Presidential and Senatorial campaigns. In his career, Eric has held management positions at AOL Time Warner,, Lotame, and LiveTechnology. He is an active angel investor and adviser to several start-up companies, and graduated from Duke University.
  • Posted on: 10/17/2016

    Is consistent messaging the key to loyalty?

    Many of the marketeers who commented on this research appeared to have overlooked the first part of the question re: "internal barriers." Customer service is not an INTERNAL barrier for these companies — that is, the executives surveyed have already principally solved for customer service, hence its low value, relative to a higher internal barrier of consistent communication. Silos, competing priorities, take your pick, they all lead to internal challenges. Customer service has been around for centuries, while the commercial internet has only been around for 22 years. Consistent communication across touchpoints (which continue to proliferate) remain a critical challenge for retail, and an opportunity for companies like ours to help address. I would encourage all commenters to download the full report.
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