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Geoffrey Ingall

  • Posted on: 06/18/2020

    Can a box of pancake mix be racist?

    So, black people have no part to play in American imagery; they can no longer symbolise warmth or quality, except on for-blacks products and services, I assume. Sounds like apartheid, to me. Is that what America really wants?
  • Posted on: 04/03/2017

    Are consumers interested in Kroger’s stories?

    I don't know how many new websites or blogs come on line each week, but I suspect it's an awful lot. The question that everyone who posts one needs to ask themselves is, what is my audience already reading and is my site more compelling? More compelling than a sports blog, or a Kardashian story, or a Trump tweet, or.... I think you get my drift. As previous comments say, these things are read by true-believers and nobody much else. And probably only once. Don't waste your money; focus on telling people how they benefit from shopping you and follow it up in store. Keep the good guy stories for the annual get-together.
  • Posted on: 02/27/2017

    Why are stores waiting until checkout to ID shoppers?

    Some years ago, the very wise McMillan Doolittle suggested that if you're not spending 70% of your time trying to solve your customers' problems, that may well be your problem. Or something like that. Looking at the table, it strikes me that the only people whose problems will be solved are technology companies. The customer does not appear to have been greatly consulted about his or her needs. And yet again, the argument for the technically possible overwhelms the argument for the behaviourally probable. Of course a collaborative customer could provide more commercially useful information on themselves. But with the ever-growing fear of identity theft and the dread of endless pestering, would they wish to? Probably not. Could they be beeped and zapped with offers from the moment they walk in the store, or even before? Of course they could. Would they want to be? Probably not. Of course technology will play a role, and a major one, but it will never substitute for great stores run by great retailers with a great value proposition. Just ask the customer.
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