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George Nielsen

  • Posted on: 02/01/2017

    Will Whole Foods stay fresh using outside suppliers?

    This move makes no sense to me other than as a cost savings measure. Why do people go to Whole Foods? Mainly for the fresh offerings in its meal sections. What's the appeal left for Whole Foods after they make this move and people begin to realize that the food is not made on site? It's just a place to be seen and see others buying overpriced product. Which makes them nothing more than a fad. I think they are shooting themselves in the foot on this one.
  • Posted on: 02/01/2017

    How will online shopping transform the grocery business?

    I started in the grocery business 29 years ago and I have been hearing about home delivery making an impact on sales ever since. It requires high population densities to make any kind of sense. Many have tried and failed in the past. Maybe the time is approaching but I don't see it as a big threat before I reach retirement age.
  • Posted on: 12/05/2016

    A small retailer makes a bold move against big chains

    I do not mind the message, but I wonder about the medium. A radio spot to me is not the most appropriate to appeal to a local audience when you have only 3 locations in the Boston area. A mail out to the neighborhoods around each store might be more effective.
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