Guy Hillier

Technical Manager at Ecrebo Ltd
Working at Ecrebo Ltd since December a technical specialist on our Point of Sale Marketing Platform. Had a 21 year career in IBM/Toshiba working in their retail team. Certified IBM Technical Specialist in 4690 Technical Solutions.
  • Posted on: 03/21/2017

    Why is the U.S. so bad at airport retailing?

    Based on the posts below, it appears that quality retailing is not at the top of the list of requirements for the average domestic U.S. traveler given the amount of available time between transfers. However I think there is a missed opportunity based on my experience of retailing at the various U.S. international departure terminals I've previously visited. Typically, international travelers have a lot of dwell time in airport terminals; needing to arrive around two hours prior to departure what with the heightened security of recent years. If the retailing experience was improved in international departure terminals where there truly is a captive market, this could make a big difference to the sales figures.
  • Posted on: 11/30/2016

    What convinces retailers to innovate?

    Relevance and ease of implementation are crucial. Even if the proposed solution meets the business needs of the retailer, a complex integration can stymie a proof of concept before it gets off the ground. As the author suggests, solutions which can be deployed in a "light-touch" manner (ideally requiring very little involvement from IT) will be more likely to advance to pilot, especially if they are backed up by proven reference customers. Such "light-touch" deployments are likely to involve much less risk from a technical perspective and will give the business a decent idea of what their ROI will look like should they decide to deploy the solution across their estate. Retailers who are prepared to have a sandbox or pilot environments for relevant new solutions which are easier to deploy will reap the benefits.
  • Posted on: 11/30/2016

    Will sales promotions be the death of department stores?

    Part of the solution will be to improve the knowledge that retailers have about their customers and target their promotions accordingly, preferably through the customer's media of choice. Ideally, this should be achieved without needing to resort to a traditional retailer-based loyalty card program, which has had its day in the sun. Department store retailers should consider appropriate tools to not only help them better understand their customers, but also to enable these customers to be sent relevant, personalized communications which will entice them to return to the store.
  • Posted on: 10/18/2016

    Is consistent messaging the key to loyalty?

    Accurate personalization is the key to creating/maintaining loyalty. Consumers are increasingly annoyed by irrelevant offers being sent either through email communication or through generic coupons at the checkout. What's needed is an approach where the consumer is appropriately targeted based on their current segment and/or their purchase history such that any communications are likely to contain offers which are personalized to them.
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