Howard Davidson

Partner, BHuman
25-year shopper marketer; creative leader; strategic client leader
  • Posted on: 05/06/2022

    Which personalization techniques work best?

    As we all recognize, it's a delicate balance between overstepping and making an appreciated connection. As partner in a company that uses AI technology to create personalized videos at scale, we've found incredible response from emails and SMS text in terms of opens and CTAs, because the personality in the embedded video recognizes the individual in a couple of relevant ways: name, location, perhaps a product type preference or anything else that's meaningful to engagement or the recipient has expressed interest about. So perhaps it's not just the data but is also the way the outreach or response is delivered?
  • Posted on: 01/04/2019

    Will smart shelves work for Hannaford and its customers?

    How can we not applaud ANY effort to integrate digital technology into the shopping experience? Sure some will get it wrong - but many will get at least some things right to encourage continued testing and investment to determine the best path to deliver a better shopper experience for the customer - and drive more revenue for the retailer. Thinking about all the possibilities - app integration, automated pricing, interactive product messaging, lowering of store labor costs - I believe adoption of smart shelf technology WILL more than pay off the operational costs and will likely even provide a new revenue stream. Keep the pedal to the metal!
  • Posted on: 12/10/2018

    Drugstore/grocery pilot is two-thirds Walgreens and one-third Kroger

    I find it amusing to see Kroger look for revenue anywhere it can irrespective of its so-called commitment to "customer experience" (let alone one consistent with its brand). What more proof do you need to demonstrate that delivering engagement and "experience" is all lip service when you choose to sell fresh foods next to lip gloss and hemorrhoid creme. Tellingly I think that WILL be the difference maker and those who don't deliver will fall by the wayside in the brick-and-mortar side of their business.
  • Posted on: 01/15/2018

    Does a Boxed acquisition make sense for Kroger?

    Missing in the discussion is the brand personality that Boxed has cultivated with its customers to help drive its growth -- highly personalized (literally a personal note from the person who packed your box) customer service and unique touches like their program to provide materials to turn their boxes into creative fun projects for kids. Can this scale for a Kroger? Not so sure. And if not, is part of their DNA then lost and possibly, some of their sales magic?
  • Posted on: 07/07/2016

    How important is non-transactional data to personalized offers?

    NTD dimensionalizes how we see and understand the shopper in many ways far better than past transactions. I would much rather try to connect and engage with the consumer to drive a desired behavior rather than just rely on historical behaviors without context or ability to understand/influence the drivers.
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