Hitha Herzog

Chief Research Officer, H Squared Research LLC
Hitha Herzog (formerly Prabhakar) is a New York- based author, investigative reporter and retail analyst. She is the Chief Research Officer of H Squared Research LLC a data driven, research firm for registered investment advisors which launched 4 years ago. She is a consumer spending columnist at US News and World Report and author of the book "Black Market Billions: How Organized Retail Crime Funds Terrorists" published by FT Press. Hitha also uses her expertise in the retail space to advise start ups in Sillicon Valley and with Parsons' XRC Labs while teaching a class on social commerce. When she is not expanding her business and advising start ups, she is raising awareness about the criminal activity linked to the black market and counterfeit products. While writing her book, Hitha worked closely with the LAPD, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and the FBI. She is in talks for this book to become a TV series. She created a companion app to the book which is available in iTunes which helps people identify and spot counterfeit merchandise sold on the black market. Hitha is also working on the sequel to Black Market Billions which focuses on consumer's obsession with fake items. And if all of that's not enough, Hitha has a regular gig on TV as a contributor talking about what else, but retail and consumer spending.
  • Posted on: 08/25/2016

    Can Best Buy build momentum with new services and IoT?

    As an analyst, I've been covering Best Buy since 2007 and have seen the major misses (sinking same store sales, low traffic in stores, fear of show rooming) and the the gains (Hubert Joly as CEO + massive turnaround). Focusing on the IoT is a solid strategy specifically if the company wants to capture Millennial dollars. If you walk into a home of anyone who is under the age of 32, you will know what I am talking about. Staying on this path will prove profitable long term for the company.
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