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  • Posted on: 12/05/2021

    Does a four-day work week make more sense post-pandemic?

    I am a strong proponent of a 5 day work week for retail. It would solve a ton of issues facing the retail work force. When I say five day work week I mean stores should be closed two days a week, Sunday and one week day. This would immediately give retail workers a much better work/life balance. Sunday gives them one weekend day off that they have free with family members that work traditional Monday-Friday jobs (as well as school age children) and one week day for errands such as Doctors visits. This would instantly improve worker morale which in turn leads to better productivity and increased sales. Being completely closed two days also lightens payroll needs and in the current environment of industry wide staff shortages makes it much easier to be properly staffed on the other days open. The pandemic has proved that customers will shop whenever stores are open and will adjust their shopping habits accordingly around store hours with out too much of a fuss.
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