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Jeff Blee

Founder, Bogey Brands
I am a Retail Mechanic and Brand Steward. Throughout my career I've been a merchandising executive for iconic Brands and Stores including Brooks Brothers, Barneys, Macys, Sears and Loehmanns. I currently run a boutique retail consultancy. I identify the challenges a business is facing, and set a course for transformation and sustainable growth. My successes span categories, markets, channels, and geographies. My strategies adeptly blend the art of design and merchandising with data and analytics, to deliver out-sized results. I create high performance teams that execute a brand's vision.
  • Posted on: 08/09/2020

    Will shortages shortchange soft goods recovery?

    Most companies would do better with a shortage of inventory, as long as it is they are short in the "right" inventory. This requires maintaining a delicate balance of fashion and core items. Lower inventories should help companies maintain higher margins as they will be -- or should be -- then less promotional. Basic supply and demand economics. As an industry, we need to ween ourselves off the "more is better" is mindset. Less inventory, less assortment, less stores, less friction. It all is part of right-sizing our businesses to profitable levels, that can sustain realistic growth on the go forward. The big shakeout is on.
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