Jeff Weidauer

CMO & Principal, SSR Retail LLC

Jeff Weidauer is currently a marketing and strategy consultant, working with retailers and their suppliers to develop targeted go-to-market strategies.

Prior to that he was Vice President of Marketing & Strategy for Vestcom International, Inc., responsible for marketing, strategy, intellectual property, product management, and M&A activity. Jeff has been involved in retail food and drug for over three decades, beginning his career in San Diego with Lucky Stores, advancing through numerous roles, including store and category management functions, along with corporate advertising and marketing for Albertsons and Supervalu.

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  • Posted on: 02/25/2020

    Amazon goes bigger with its cashier-less store concept

    It's notable that Amazon is now looking for partners who would like to license the Go technology. Just as with AWS and Prime subscriptions, the real money will come through the back door.
  • Posted on: 02/25/2020

    Was Burger King smart to showcase moldy Whoppers?

    While Burger King got a lot of media coverage with its moldy burger, it's not likely to see a sales uplift from it. Unless Burger King is willing to continue down a path of health and sustainability, the attention will fade just like the lettuce on that burger.
  • Posted on: 02/24/2020

    What are the biggest barriers to AI adoption for retailers?

    The two primary questions retailers need to answer before implementing any AI system: 1. Is this solving a problem? 2. If yes, is it a retailer problem or a customer problem? Quite often, neither of these questions are asked nor answered in the rush to get "something" out there.
  • Posted on: 02/21/2020

    Unilever will end marketing to young kids to fight childhood obesity

    This is a smart move by Unilever, and will likely have minimal impact since other than a couple of ice cream brands they are mostly HBC products. Even so, Unilever could do a lot more to clean up the ingredients of its food products, which would do much more to aid in the battle against childhood obesity.
  • Posted on: 02/19/2020

    Shoppers have a love/hate relationship with self-checkouts

    Self-checkout shows just how much retail has lost sight of serving the customer. With long lines, indifferent cashiers, and purchases poorly bagged, "full-service" checkout is an oxymoron, so you might as well do it yourself. While Amazon Go-type technology might help, that's not around the corner, which means things aren't likely to change in the near term. Supermarkets are another step closer to becoming gas stations, which used to be called "service stations." So much for progress.
  • Posted on: 02/14/2020

    Is it time for retailers to move beyond fulfillment and on to experience?

    What we call this new era in retail is less important than how we execute it. The shopper is only interested in a positive experience that satisfies the need. Customers are leading the charge, retail has to keep up and knock down the barriers.
  • Posted on: 02/13/2020

    Grocers are given failing marks on food recall transparency

    Many food retailers are more concerned about being held accountable by customers for recalls than they are about informing those shoppers. This leads to unclear policies, poor execution of recall processes, and a lack of leadership in an area where leadership is needed. Grocers should be experts in food, and do everything they can to educate customers and keep them informed, whether positive or negative.
  • Posted on: 02/12/2020

    Will Pop Up Grocer bring discovery to grocery retailing?

    The pop-up concept makes sense when a store caters to seasonal events like Halloween. But a grocery pop-up has limited benefits for both shoppers and manufacturers. The retail community may be able to learn something, but this is not a compelling concept.
  • Posted on: 02/10/2020

    Why are so many organic grocers landing in bankruptcy court?

    Each of these chains entered a highly competitive channel at just the wrong time. Organic foods can be had at Kroger and Walmart, often for less money. None of them provided a compelling differentiator to customers in terms of service or offering. And all were victims of financial overreach through growth or leveraged debt.
  • Posted on: 02/10/2020

    Why isn’t voice commerce taking off?

    Privacy is a huge concern with smart speakers, and the lack of a screen puts a damper on shopping use. Perhaps the greatest hurdle is its stationary location. Smart speakers are essentially talking lava lamps, better suited for entertainment than productivity. Voice commerce will grow, but that growth will be through mobile devices, not a countertop appliance.
  • Posted on: 02/07/2020

    What does it take to earn the trust of consumers?

    The fundamentals of trust have not changed. Trust is a byproduct of transparency. But it has to be genuine transparency, with open lines of communication in both directions. Only businesses that engage with customers on a regular basis - both talking and listening - will build trust. None of this is really new, now there are just more channels available.
  • Posted on: 02/06/2020

    Should retailers brag about doing good?

    There is no single right answer to this question. Companies need to determine what philanthropic efforts are a good fit with their brand, and then decide if/how to support those efforts. How much, or how little they broadcast that support then depends on the target customer and how meaningful it is to them. The louder any company shouts about its "good works," the more suspect its customers will be of the impetus for those works.
  • Posted on: 02/05/2020

    Retailers share how they make the most of their trade show visits

    The final element for a successful trade show is to create a process to bring what you've learned back to the business. Too often people attend a show, and then return to the office and continue their routines. If you are the only benefactor of your new knowledge, then the trip was wasted. Make sure you are sharing your insights and getting the rest of the team up to speed.
  • Posted on: 02/05/2020

    Will Macy’s cut its way to improved margins and future growth?

    It's not possible to save your way to success. Many have tried, but you have to invest in the business in order to grow. Macy's new plans are good ideas, but this is all likely to be too little, too late.
  • Posted on: 02/04/2020

    Can luxury retail attract a new generation of shoppers?

    For luxury brands to survive they will need to be more transparent in how they do things, as well as willing to introduce new ideas and designs. Luxury has traditionally been able to successfully weather economic downturns better than other brands, but there is an expectation now of sustainability and transparency that many haven't offered. The challenge is in being more accessible and friendly without crossing into the mainstream.

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