Sr. Dir., Retail & CPG Solution Engineering
  • Posted on: 09/16/2022

    Where is Starbucks’ NFT odyssey heading?

    NFTs are definitely a danger zone for most companies given some of the hype curve issues that surround them. Starbucks' program is different though - the NFTs are a way to access other benefits, not a potentially appreciable asset on their own. If there are other benefits behind the program (like Starbucks is doing), it doesn't really seem that different from loyalty points, or airline rewards levels - spend certain amounts and you get access to higher tier rewards.
  • Posted on: 09/16/2022

    Will climate change make supply chain disasters the new normal?

    I agree with Nicola, for most retailers this is more of a questions of stock outs and excesses, and the misalignment of plans to the realities of demand. We've seen multiple retailers fixing some of the tactical issues around system and process silos; getting stock into the DCs and distributed appropriately generally helps the environment (more FTLs), reduces cost and lets them leverage their inventory better, but there are no fundamental shifts in the leverage of data in planning yet.
  • Posted on: 09/14/2022

    Is traditional advertising on the cusp of a comeback?

    You can bucket marketing activities in a variety of ways, but two simple ones are to obtain new customers and increase share of wallet. These are very different actions though, and while more traditional forms of media may (or may not) be making a comeback, these are becoming more and more irrelevant in share of wallet discussions. Many retailers are looking at their own loyalty programs, apps, meta-spaces, etc. to drive in store sales and share of wallet. As consumers continue the trend toward BOPIS, delivery, in-home and other "channels" of physical consumption, the marketing needs to keep pace. It's unclear to me if the last statement is about media channels or shopping/consumption channels, but the last quote is most impactful to me: "listen carefully to their customers and pay attention to the channels they are using."
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