Jonathan Brodsky

US Country Manager,
Jon Brodsky is’s Country Manager (US), leading the company’s growth across its core niche categories of international money transfers, personal loans, credit cards and shopping comparisons. Jon brings a background in private equity plus extensive digital experience to his role at Most recently he was the Senior Vice President Digital at Chicken Soup for the Soul, where he was responsible for product changes that helped grow monthly content reach from approximately 300,000 people to one billion people. Previous experience also includes time at, which Jon grew to 250,000 restaurants and nationwide coverage within 18 months, and, where he completed deals that generated over $300 million in annual revenue.
  • Posted on: 04/05/2019

    Will Walmart’s new registry make parents forget Babies ‘R’ Us?

    I doubt that Walmart will make people forget about Babies "R" Us. The real question is why someone would use Walmart over Amazon for this; there doesn't seem to be a real compelling reason here for that.
  • Posted on: 02/28/2019

    Brands see voice ordering as more opportunity than threat

    Voice ordering is definitely the future, but it's unlikely to take off in the near term for anything other than commodity products. I wouldn't use Alexa or Google Home to buy clothing or even a book at this point -- there are different apps/platforms that make more sense for that. But for something like a brand of diapers or milk? Sure! It just seems unlikely that it'll take over as much of commerce as, say, desktop websites.
  • Posted on: 02/13/2019

    Will the new plan for Sears work any better than the previous ones?

    Turning around an "iconic" brand is next to impossible. I've tried to do it more than once in my career, and each time it's a failure for one really simple reason -- the brand has publicly lost its luster, and no one wants to buy from the losing team if they can avoid it. I'm a Jets fan, but in my heart, I know that if I were a football player, I'd jump to be on the Patriots, even for a pay cut. Here, Eddie Lampert is still banking on the ever-shrinking portion of the population or that either doesn't acknowledge or doesn't care that Sears has lost, which includes the run-off of the appliance/servicing business here. A new name, though, isn't a bad idea -- Andersen Consulting would be DOA almost anywhere today, but Accenture? That's not so bad.
  • Posted on: 02/11/2019

    Are apps and voice assistants the keys to e-grocery adoption?

    There are a few issues with moving to a digital app for grocery shopping:
    1. Many retailers still only can take paper coupons. This is a hugely manual process, and it's how many people actually do their planning (by gathering the coupons that they have and crafting a list around that). So all adding digital to this process does is just change the medium from a readily available paper and pencil to a slightly more portable phone-based list.
    2. Most list-based apps are a pain in the butt to use. I've moved to trello for my to-do and squid for handwritten notes, primarily because it's a launch-and-go experience.
    3. Voice-based transcription of brands has a bit to go -- when we ask Google to do something, it's fine if you say "add chocolate to my list" (assuming you've already set up your lists properly), but it's pretty bad at the way I pronounce words like "Valrhona" or "Ghirardelli." Plus, voice-based apps lend themselves to my five-year-old saying things like, "Ok, Google, add Oreos and Pop-Tarts and cookies to the list."
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