Joy Chen

Chairman & CEO, H2O+Beauty

Joy Chen is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for H2O+ Beauty, which specializes in premium skincare globally. Prior to joining H2O+, she transformed YES TO Natural Beauty business and catapulted the brand to the #2 category leadership position in natural personal care.  Despite the economic downturn in the past several years, she successfully quadrupled the business revenue and increased the valuation of the company by five times since she joined. With these business results, YES TO Inc., has been recognized in the Top 100 fastest growing companies in San Francisco Bay Area.  Moreover, the YES TO brand has won nearly 50 product awards from industry experts since her tenure.

Before YES TO Inc., Joy has spent 17 years at the Clorox Company, and was the Vice President General Manager of the Laundry business.  She had responsibilities for a business over $1B, handled the company’s most valuable brand equity, Clorox, and managed a large multi-functional organization. Her other Clorox positions included senior leadership roles in Marketing, Sales and Operations.  Her work experience spans large and small companies, focuses on tackling complex, business turnarounds and shows her leadership effectiveness through leading organizations through change.

Joy is an active Board member and advisor for start-up businesses and non profit.  Specifically, she is active with 18 Rabbits and 479 popcorn.  Additionally, she is on the Board for Junior Achievement.  She supports many women entrepreneurs by providing guidance and coaching to starting founders/CEOs in the San Francisco Area.  She is also active with Network of Executive Women, a key women executive organization group in the USA, whose purpose is to empower women to reach their potential professionally.  In order to share her expertise, she has been the keynote speaker at numerous business conferences and has written blogs and articles for business magazines.

Recently, Joy has been awarded 2012 Most Admired CEO of the Year, 2013 and 2014 Most Influential Women in the San Francisco Bay Area.    In 2015, she was inducted into the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame.  Additionally, she was honored with the Forever Most Influential Women award in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Joy received her undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard University.  For fun, she and her husband enjoy adventure travel, NASCAR racing and searching for the next new, undiscovered Michelin star restaurant around the world.

Joy Chen is the Chairman and CEO of H2O+ Beauty, a leading brand of premium, water-based skincare products. Under Joy’s leadership, H2O+ Beauty went through a comprehensive relaunch that included a sweeping shift in its business model and a revitalized look and feel, along with a renewed focus on innovation and entirely new performance-based product lines. As a result of this transformation, H2O+ Beauty celebrated its most award-winning year ever, with accolades for its new product lines, quality of leadership, and overall transformation, as well as accelerated growth, improvement in the company’s gross margin and profit. Prior to her role at H2O+ Beauty, Joy served as the CEO of Yes To, Inc. (2010-2014) overseeing the global natural skin and bodycare portfolio and catapulting the brand to the #2 ranking in the natural personal care category. Before joining Yes To, Joy spent 17 years at the Clorox Company, serving as Vice President and General Manager of the laundry business, a $1B+ business segment. Joy was awarded Most Admired CEO of the Year in 2012 and was named the Most Influential Woman in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2013-2016. She was honored with Stevie Awards for Women in Business in both the Executive of the Year and Mentor of the Year categories, as well as Executive of the Year from the Best in Biz awards. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard University.
  • Posted on: 07/23/2019

    ThirdLove brings digital bra-fitting to physical retail with its first store

    The most challenging element in any store is the customer experience. This includes getting knowledgeable help in bra fitting while having a positive in-store experience that is different from other bra fitting experiences. I also see the pop-up as a strategy to further bring brand awareness to ThirdLove beyond their digital experience.
  • Posted on: 04/23/2019

    Are secondhand sales the right branding move for Neiman Marcus?

    Secondhand selling is a good partnership for Neiman Marcus. It provides them with an opportunity to tap into a potential consumer base and an outlet to sell Neiman Marcus’ own returned items. By being part of secondhand selling, this will enlarge their share of total purchases.
  • Posted on: 04/02/2019

    Again, Amazon attempts to shed Whole Foods’ high price image

    Reduced pricing is a short-term strategy that will require other strengths like unique product assortment and product quality to keep Whole Foods differentiated. Price reduction is a good move at Whole Foods as it will increase the penetration of Whole Foods among other grocery outlets.
  • Posted on: 03/08/2019

    Will new Scan & Go tech turbocharge Sam’s checkouts?

    The Scan & Go technology can provide convenience only if their current customer base perceives this as convenient. Testing this concept is an excellent idea to get some consumer feedback. Although this may be an option for Sam’s to reduce staff, that would offset the convenience or customer service benefits.
  • Posted on: 02/26/2019

    Will a curated marketplace strategy be an online game changer for Target?

    Target is successful for its exclusive curated assortment strategy so it is unclear how this approach delivers on that. To provide a broader assortment is not the same and Amazon owns that.
  • Posted on: 02/25/2019

    Tide to roll out laundry cleaning service nationwide

    This is a great move for the Tide brand to capture new, younger users by offering more convenience. This will build the Tide brand with the younger consumers who are not likely that loyal or even aware of Tide.
  • Posted on: 11/30/2018

    Is J.Crew’s new Amazon relationship already over?

    The discontinuation of the Mercantile line may be due to many reasons related to margin dilution and other business factors. The decision to shift to include Amazon should be part of a broader strategic plan that delivers J.Crew growth.
  • Posted on: 07/10/2018

    Hershey figures out what drives impulse purchases in stores

    It is terrific that Hershey has used consumer learnings as the foundation to drive their business and in-store merchandising. Depending on the consumer truths above, Hershey can recommend ways to place product in many parts of the store.
  • Posted on: 06/28/2018

    Social influencers to find a home on Instagram’s new, longer video platform

    IGTV will benefit Instagram with an added video feature which is important to many influencers as they tell their stories. But unless there are added benefits of the video platform beyond what YouTube offers, it is difficult to see how this can be beneficial. How this new platform is received and accepted by influencers will determine how widely it will be used by retailers and brands.
  • Posted on: 06/28/2018

    Toy City pop-ups look to fill the gap left by Toys ‘R’ Us

    Party City’s strategy to capture the demand left by Toys "R" Us is very opportunistic. The use of pop-ups will also bring in additional consumers due to the seasonal excitement. Although Party City’s pop-up strategy works in the short-term, the toy category still needs a fundamental business model change for this to be successful long term.
  • Posted on: 06/27/2018

    Survey finds marketers struggle to deliver personalized content

    I completely agree with Chris. The level of personalization that consumers are looking for is not matched by many retailers and companies. Companies need to redefine personalized content, experience and product solutions in order to better meet consumers’ expectations.
  • Posted on: 06/27/2018

    Former CEO wants to bring Toys ‘R’ Us back from the dead

    Toys "R" Us can only be successful if its business model and positioning changes from what it was before. The consumer today is looking not only for products, but for personalized experiences when they shop. Toys "R" Us will also need to reevaluate its distribution channel and the way it links online with brick-and-mortar to be successful. These are big changes that will take time to implement in addition to the financial expectations.
  • Posted on: 06/25/2018

    Why are there so few women in c-level positions?

    Diversity at the C-suite level requires sponsorship from other C-suite level male leaders. That means women leaders need to be paired with male leaders that feel comfortable and see value in women providing a different point of view. Work balance is an excuse for lack of diversity. It really depends on a senior C-level commitment and sponsorship for diversity at the top and throughout the organization. If metrics are what is required to increase diversity, then the U.S. should follow the direction the E.U. has taken on measurement so that X percent have to be women.
  • Posted on: 06/06/2018

    Mental health is a retail management issue

    Mental health is different for everyone, which makes addressing it difficult. However, companies can provide mental health programs that employees can sign up for. Additionally, it is most important to have a company culture that is communicative and collaborative which will help with employee’s overall mental and emotional state.
  • Posted on: 06/06/2018

    Macy’s taps staff for their influencer clout

    Building the social media ambassador community is always the right direction. However, the community must be balanced between company employees and independent social media ambassadors. Consumers are looking for authentic perspective and they will be more critical when it comes to more posts and reviews coming from company’s own employees. Fundamentally, the social media influencer plan must tie to a bigger strategic plan Macy’s is making with its overall consumer shopping experience for it to be effective.
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