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Jessica Spencer

  • Posted on: 09/27/2019

    Can grocery shopping make people less lonely?

    I don't agree with retail stores trying to help social isolation, as it is not their job in the first place. I know of a lot of customers who come to the store just to get out of the house and they end up spending a lot more money just to tell all of their personal problems and their life story to a cashier who is not their therapist and the cashier needs to keep the line moving. If you let them, people will stand there and talk to a cashier for hours, and anyone who is waiting behind them hoping to talk to a cashier will have to wait forever just to be able to talk to one. I really think that lonely people need to go to social gatherings like church or community events, find a hobby or take a class to learn a new skill to offset their loneliness and find other lonely people to be friends with in the process. Cashiers are not meant to be therapists, and as someone who works in small retail who has to do the tasks of six or more people as just one employee, that's the last thing anyone has time for. We need to keep the line moving, and not impede progress in the company's business.
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