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Kevin Leifer

VP, Ipsos Channel Performance
Customer Experience Executive and leader of Client Success teams; credited with growing, managing, and retaining the most lucrative accounts for two companies. Directly managed 55+% of portfolio with an average client tenure of 9 years while increasing the importance of customer experience within the client organizations. Expertise in defining, designing, monitoring, and measuring customer needs to ensure a consistent and transparent customer experience across on-line, in-store, contact center, and mobile platforms.
  • Posted on: 06/02/2022

    Convenience stores need to automate or get left behind

    Tech and innovation are critical for c-stores given the increased cost of operations and their staffing model as well as the obvious competitive factors. This category continues to grow despite these elements due to expanded assortments, increased shopping options (digital/delivery) and an increased focus on the experience. Knowing which tech to implement becomes the greatest challenge. Do too much (or target the wrong tech) and you can alienate your core customer - do too little and you will get quickly left behind.
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