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Luis E Herrera

EVP Latam Category Management Association
I am an active consultant in areas of Business planning, Shopper Marketing, Category Management and Digital Marketing. Exhibitor and speaker in Mexico, the United States and Latin America, and has taught at prestigious universities in Mexico. He is currently Executive Vice President for Latin America in Category Management Association; Associate Director at The Retail Academy and President of board for Latin America at CMA. Executive with extensive experience in the retail industry, where he developed and led the Commercial Area, Merchandising, Procurement, Marketing, and Pricing also have deployed corporate models Category Management and Shopper marketing very successfully in several organizations. Additionally, he has worked in Multinational Consumer Packed Goods companies leading sales, corporate purchasing, logistics and production. Author of articles and editor of several journals in the field. Category Management Association is the global category management community that enables professionals to connect with peers around the world and further their careers with the latest in best practices and certification.
  • Posted on: 08/11/2017

    Is it time to reinvent category management?

    No doubt the Category Management model has evolved, probably faster than a single person or company could contribute alone, the new CatMan 2.0 model implies a paradigm shift of how problems must be solved, based on a collaborative process, evolutionary and alive. That is why I am convinced that a group of companies are required from different angles to address the issue and propose what is most appropriate for the retailers, manufacturers and solution providers community, and this is achieved through the process of the Association of Category Management. Additionally, a dose of reality between theory and practice is always very relevant, so I invite those who actually live and implement the process (manufacturers and retailers) to participate in these comments. In my experience I have had the privilege of being working uninterrupted at the retail (more than 20 years) in various channels of and also collaborate in the process of CatMan 2.0 and we are not talking about just the change of two steps; we are talking about a market where banners and value propositions of brands are no longer defined by retailers and manufacturers, but by the shopper. The retail world has changed more than we could imagine, and this happens on the reality (the companies) not in just the consulting, the cathedra, the technology, or even the school. At the end of the day, the most important thing is the execution capacity of these models which makes the difference in the companies, not of who has "the holy grail."
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