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Founder | Lead Consultant, Egility
Liz Adamson is the founder and lead consultant at Egility, an Amazon digital marketing agency. Egility helps brands create and optimize their presence on the Amazon marketplace, creating an Amazon strategy that complements and enhances other existing sales channels. The Egility team has extensive experience in leveraging Amazon's marketing tools to communicate a brand's story and increase total brand awareness and sales. Liz has worked with Amazon sellers since 2011 and has nearly 15 years of experience producing, marketing and selling consumer goods, as well as an MBA with an emphasis in marketing and brand management. To learn more, visit:
  • Posted on: 03/16/2020

    Should retail close?

    Absolutely they need to close to help with social distancing and slow the spread of this virus. Profits are not more important than human life and every business needs to step up and do the right thing. My ethics professor in business school pounded into us the question of "will this harm the least among us?" to help us check our decisions. Every business has a moral responsibility to protect the least among us, in this case, those who are at risk for serious complications from the virus. I have family who work as ER professionals. They are reporting that their hospital ICUs and ERs usually operate close to capacity. A wave of sick people will overwhelm them and limit what they can do to help the desperately ill. We need to step up as a community and do our part to protect those who need it.
  • Posted on: 03/11/2020

    Brands have a lot of reasons for working with Amazon

    Selling on Amazon should be a priority for most brands. I say most, because there will always be an exception or two. There are two primary reasons Amazon should not be ignored. 1) Customer acquisition. More and more customers are using Amazon to discover new products. If you are not there, your certainly competitors are and will get the sale. 2) Even if you are not yourself listing your brand on Amazon, chances are, another reseller is. Unmonitored, these sellers can do a lot of damage to your brand with discounted pricing, poor product page quality, and more. At the very least, if you as a brand are not going to sell on Amazon, you need to be in touch with the resellers that are and setting a certain standard on how your product is being presented on the marketplace.
  • Posted on: 03/05/2020

    Should Amazon pay a penalty for counterfeits sold in its marketplace?

    Yes consumers need to be protected from purchasing counterfeit products. Brands need the protection for their name and products. Amazon and other marketplaces should be held responsible for ensuring their site does not sell counterfeit goods. The unfortunate part of this is that there are literally millions of sellers on Amazon and it's no easy task to figure out who is selling legitimate items. Vetting the sellers when they set up the account would help, however what do we do with the millions of sellers already on the platform? I've watched Amazon try to crack down on counterfeits and I've watched innocent resellers have their listings taken down because of a false positive. Bad actors are actually filing inaccurate "counterfeit" claims with Amazon just to take down their competition. Amazon needs to do a better job at monitoring for counterfeits, but it also needs to ensure that legitimate sellers are not caught in the net. They need to take a serious look at how they are working on this problem and find a way to solve it that does not hurt legitimate businesses who have made their living selling on the marketplace.
  • Posted on: 03/02/2020

    Retailers go into business triage mode as coronavirus enters the U.S.

    Supply chain disruptions and changes to customer spending habits will have the biggest impact on retailers. I made the mistake of going to my local Costco on Saturday; I've never seen so much bottled water packed into so many shopping carts. It only took about 2 hours for them to stock out. Emergency supplies are in high demand and short supply, customers are avoiding malls and shopping online, Amazon is working quickly at preventing price gouging and fake products. Apple is warning of shortages in their iPhone with parts sourced from China. How do we minimize the impact? Convince the media and political leaders to stop spreading panic, unfortunately much easier said than done.
  • Posted on: 02/28/2020

    Will a new subscription program be Walmart’s winning answer to Amazon Prime?

    Amazon has raised the bar in several aspects with its Prime program, offering one day shipping, media and more. To continue to compete, Walmart and others have no choice but to step up their game. Done right, Walmart could outdo Amazon by leveraging its brick and mortar presence, for example offering same day delivery in more markets than Amazon is able to right now.
  • Posted on: 01/24/2020

    Is Trump declaring war on counterfeits or Amazon and other e-marketplaces?

    Counterfeits being sold on marketplaces like Amazon have been all over the news lately. It is a growing problem, partly due to the influx of third-party sellers (many of them from outside the U.S.) looking to make a quick buck by selling what looks like name brand items at low prices. Amazon and other marketplaces should be cracking down on these sellers and removing them and their items from their platform. If they are not getting the job done, having the government step in to put pressure on them to do so is a natural next step.
  • Posted on: 01/10/2020

    Walmart rolls out self-serve ads

    Amazon's self serve ad platform's have been wildly successful, for Amazon and advertisers, and Walmart wants in on the action. The opportunity to leverage its in-store and online data will make it a powerful player in digital advertising and will give advertisers another channel to raise visibility for their products and brand.
  • Posted on: 01/06/2020

    Study: Digital commerce sites competing and collaborating with Amazon

    In the age of Amazon, brands and retailers need to find a way to not just compete but thrive alongside the e-commerce giant. Amazon does see an opportunity to be a key player in a brand's direct-to-consumer strategy and has been rolling out more and more tools to help brands create and manage their presence in ways not possible a few years ago. Understanding how to leverage this opportunity while minimizing risks will set brands up for success as Amazon continues to grow and innovate.
  • Posted on: 12/20/2019

    Amazon gets more free with free returns

    I’ve already benefited from this new policy. Instead of boxing up my purchase and printing out a label, I have been able to simply walk my item into a UPS store and have them scan a code on my Amazon app or email. It was shockingly simple and definitely made me even more of a fan of how easy Amazon makes it to shop online. As Amazon rolls this out I think other customers will have a similar experience and Amazon will benefit from an even more loyal customer base.
  • Posted on: 11/13/2019

    What happens now that Nike has called off its deal with Amazon?

    As a large, well known brand, Nike does not "need" Amazon. Consumers who want to buy Nike will find a way to buy Nike. Its 2017 partnership with Amazon was an attempt to cut down on counterfeit sales on the marketplace. Since then Amazon has developed, and continues to develop, ways to stop the sale of counterfeit items on its site. Amazon still has a long way to go in this effort, and it may be that Nike is not seeing enough benefit from their efforts to continue the partnership. Selling direct to consumer will allow Nike to continue to control their message and pricing in a way that can't be done on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Posted on: 11/12/2019

    Amazon confirms it will open a grocery store not named Whole Foods

    I see Amazon grocery stores as simply Amazon's next step on their way to building out their ability to deliver groceries same-day. They are already leveraging Whole Foods and using them as distribution centers for two-hour delivery in select marketplaces. This isn’t going to be just another traditional grocery store. Amazon will use it to go above and beyond the competition.
  • Posted on: 11/01/2019

    Survey says consumers want online orders shipped fast and free

    Amazon has certainly set the standard with free two-day delivery for its Prime members, and are raising that bar with their recent change to one-day delivery. Shoppers have come to expect free and fast shipping and as Amazon continues to raise expectations, its competitors will need to be prepared to follow.
  • Posted on: 10/25/2019

    Free next-day shipping hits Amazon in its bottom line

    Jeff Bezos has always prioritized market growth and being first to market over profits and will continue to do so. By being first to market for free next day shipping (with a membership) they have raised the bar that other retailers like Target and Walmart will at some point need to catch up with as customers begin seeing next day shipping as the norm. Whether it's delighting customers or simply staying one step ahead of its competition, Amazon will continue to invest their profits into testing new and different initiatives.
  • Posted on: 10/23/2019

    Best Buy is ready for Christmas with free next-day deliveries for almost everyone

    And the shipping wars continue. Next-day service with no membership or minimum order is a step above Amazon which requires a paid Prime membership. Customers have come to expect both free and fast shipping options and the online retailers that can deliver will win loyalty. Why wait a week for ground shipping when you can have it tomorrow?
  • Posted on: 10/22/2019

    What should retailers do when brands post fake reviews?

    The FTC's settlement is little more than a slap on the wrist, it has no teeth to discourage Sunday Riley or other brands from engaging in the practice of writing fake reviews. Customers are becoming more and more aware that this is an issue and unless retailers and online marketplaces get more serious about penalizing brands who engage in this practice, reviews will become meaningless.

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