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Lorie Demski

Retail Consultant, Irisys
M.S. Operations Research, The Ohio State University Over 20 years in the Grocery Industry - 15 working for a large regional chain and over 5 working as a consultant to grocery stores throughout the US and Canada. Currently work for Irisys, helping customers implement the queue management system and improve processes on the front end.
  • Posted on: 03/21/2017

    Should grocers open slow checkout lanes for seniors?

    Why not? But why does the lane have to call out seniors? The airlines offer boarding for "anyone that needs a little extra time." This includes seniors, people with a physical or mental challenge, and families with young children. I don't fall in the "senior" classification yet, nor do I have a physical or mental challenge that might cause me to need a bit of extra time paying for my purchase or putting my change away -- just getting sorted; however, I have felt the push of the person behind me in line while I'm trying to put my wallet away and dig for my keys and sunglasses. I can deal with it okay, but what about those that can't? Does good customer service always mean the fastest service? I think good customer service is whatever makes the customer feel valued. I've worked in grocery chains all over the US and Canada and every chain has told me that they have customers that line up and are willing to wait for a particular cashier. That cashier is giving the shopper what they consider to be good service -- it's not particularly fast and the shopper has to wait longer to get it, and they do. So why not offer a lane for people that need or want extra time? Not sure what you would call it, or how many would use it, but it might be satisfy that group of customers that is feeling the push.
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