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Director of Market & Partner Development, Deck Commerce
Luke heads up strategic alliances and market development at Deck Commerce. With a background in advertising strategy, his work with brands and industry partners is grounded in research, wit, and the constant pursuit of why.
  • Posted on: 04/26/2021

    Schnucks displays St. Louis pride with streetwear store-within-a-store concept

    As a St. Louis native, I can attest that Schnucks has been exemplary in supporting (and experimenting with) local businesses. From inviting local brewers and distillers, like Stumpy's, to run pop-up sampling tables, to carrying a co-op pizza line, to gifting their grocery employees $200,000 in gift cards to St. Louis restaurants struggling through the pandemic, Schnucks really leans into being a *local* grocer. We in St. Louis are pretty proud to not be riddled with Krogers or Publixes, and Schnucks is smart to be feeding the STL-proud mindset -- especially as it was recently announced Amazon is looking to open one of its first grocery concepts in St. Louis County this year. Local support feeds loyalty when done in innovative, consistent ways.
  • Posted on: 04/16/2021

    Can omnichannel be as profitable for retailers as in-store sales?

    Omnichannel profitability is achieved only when operational efficiency and customer expectation harmonize. The trick is both factors (technology + shopping behaviors) are evolving faster than ever before in our new era of retail. Catching up isn't keeping up. Improve and innovate omnichannel efficiency with flexible, focused order management and selling channel platforms that drive automation and deliver transactional transparency—like store-level inventory and real-time order status updates. Setting customer expectations is the best way to meet customer expectations.
  • Posted on: 01/29/2021

    Not every retailer is sold on curbside pickup

    Although consumer expectations evolve as a common denominator across all of retail, not all retailers or verticals are created equal. Merchants still need to do their own math (ideally primary consumer research) before betting on a trend. Example: If you are a high-end luxury brand, BNPL might spur a negative connotation among your affluent primary target audience; you may sink your brand image and lose more patrons than it's worth to attract a younger, less well-off consumer with deferred payments. Know your consumer within the context of trends. On curbside... Curbside will only have sticking power with retailers willing to invest in optimizing the experience. Merchants that have stuffed in a scrappy, makeshift BOPIS/curbside solutions to "survive" the pandemic will likely opt to drop the offering. They treat omnichannel as an obligation, not an opportunity. Post-pandemic curbside will continue to be a huge pull for capturing convenience-seeking consumers across all verticals... but it will only prove profitable for mature retailers who are in 2021 investing in scalable omnichannel backend technology, automated consumer communication, and optimized store flows (both physical space and associate training).
  • Posted on: 11/23/2020

    Will home furnishings soon be a ‘digital-first business’?

    Conveying product "quality" will be the biggest hurtle for digital buying adoption in the home furnishings vertical. AR capabilities today are ideal for getting a visual, aesthetic "feel" for a piece (and thus perfect for smaller décor items), but furniture shopping is often just as dependent on the the actual physical feel and build. Promoting consumer ratings, optimizing positive reviews that reference quality, and offering free returns will prove more impactful than visual AR tools in digital buying adoption for mid-market/high-end furniture retailers.
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