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Lyle Bunn (Ph.D. Hon)

Strategy Architect – Digital Place-based Media
Lyle Bunn (Ph.D. Hon.) is the longest-serving independent analyst, advisor and educator in North America’s digital signage and place-based media industry. In addition to these roles, he is Chair of Digital Customer Experience, a program aimed at accelerating the success of retail, food services, banking, hospitality and other B2C locations. Over the past 15 years of his 40-year career in information technologies and telecommunications, Lyle has assisted over 350 firms in their planning, execution and optimization of location-based digital media and has helped to train over 15,000 professionals. Lyle has received 6 major industry recognitions including an Honorary Doctorate for his contributions to end user and industry education. He has been named as one of the "11 Most Influential People" in place-based media by Digital Signage Today and one of the "50 Industry Innovators and Influencers" by Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine. Lyle Bunn is nominated for the ELEVATE Award Customer Experience Influencer of the Year. He has published over 400 articles, whitepapers and guidebooks on related subjects and has served as editor and principal writer of Dynamic Media supplements in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The National Post. He serves on the advisory boards of the industry’s primary events and on the judging panel of several digital signage awards programs.
  • Posted on: 08/31/2018

    Walmart could have you shopping in The Matrix

    Walmart must be just itching to bring its very successful internal VR program for staff training into the merchandising world. These occasional arm waving exercises provide the continuous signals that Walmart wants to bring new innovations to retailing. They are to be applauded for not hurrying into some offering that does not make economic or financial success.
  • Posted on: 08/31/2018

    How should Tiffany modernize its flagship?

    Using more of the building's available space for areas of consumer discovery and experiencing the types of flourishes that have proven their value elsewhere will go a long way to refreshing the Tiffany/consumer relationship. Shopping has to be fun and outcomes, achievable. To celebrate the stately heritage and amplify key elements of it, is to link Millennials to a time of tradition and the contribution of the retailer to measured social change. These are values that resonate with the emerging generation of Tiffany's patrons.
  • Posted on: 08/31/2018

    The Rock rules celebrity endorsements

    The alignment of values among the brand, celebrity and their partners is the critical success factor. When a star falls it is usually due to some unsuitable activities, reflecting their values and character that the brand must detach itself from. All the world is a stage for those who have chosen celebrity, and all the world is a consumer prospect for the brands that use celebrity spokespersons and endorsement.
  • Posted on: 08/30/2018

    L’Occitane aims for a more immersive, more disruptive flagship

    Pack in those experiences (!) because each one offers actionable insights and a contribution to bottom line.
  • Posted on: 08/30/2018

    Which market research tasks are likely to be taken over by AI?

    Data comparison and results visualization will certainty be at the top of of the list. These require the raw compute power that underpins AI and brings high value regardless of sample size. AI is a substantial investment and runs the risk of delivering low ROI or benefits that could have been realized using different approaches. Voice of the customer programs still have a strong hold on the executive suite, so natural language analysis should expect a high level of attention.
  • Posted on: 08/29/2018

    What should retailers do to ensure seafood sustainability?

    Food (seafood in particular) free of disease is a growing issue and one that could easily jab some downward revenue spikes into food retail revenues.
  • Posted on: 08/29/2018

    Amazon’s warehouse workers become social cheerleaders

    Whatever happened to the employers' right that their employees speak positively about the company and keep quiet when opportunities for negatives arise. There is always the potential for both and providing commentary without context is likely not worth the time.
  • Posted on: 08/29/2018

    What questions should guide a digital transformation?

    These questions are quite academic and all over the transformation map from organizational design to operational exploitation of technology. The starting point of digital (or any other tool) has to be the question: how must it serve us and how will we know that it is? Adding an overlay of time related to the enterprise, its competitive positioning and a high-level project plan will enable sober thought and action that provide the highest return on time.
  • Posted on: 08/28/2018

    Walmart turns to Moosejaw for curation

    Ever-improving curation of a growing brand and stock base has always been he basis of retail growth. The traffic and conversion analytics must be positioned to guide the growth. Moosejaw can challenge Amazon successfully if the Walmart price element can be combined with a product value message of equal weight.
  • Posted on: 08/28/2018

    ‘Jittery’ prices will come back to hurt Amazon

    Commerce should be so smooth. It is a no-win situation for consumers to shop based largely on price and I am astounded that every tactic toward "buy for less" approaches becomes just a tactic. Prices will always be dynamic and each part of the supply chain will point its fingers at others as the problem.
  • Posted on: 08/28/2018

    Publix pioneers an easier way to see the doctor

    This is a huge step in the right direction for Publix. Telehealth has been ready for prime time for many years and the the Mayo Clinic at the Mall of America has offered insights into how to operate successfully. I especially like that foods and nutrition can now become part of the conversation and I'd encourage Publix and partners to develop a strong referral and even an educational program for specialty expertise such as dietitians, stress management, etc.
  • Posted on: 08/20/2018

    Is the time ripe for Google stores?

    An innovation showcase that can profile Google developments across a spectrum including transportation, medicine, business, media, etc. would support Google brand development, recruitment and the resellers upon which it depends.
  • Posted on: 08/20/2018

    Three reasons why Gen Z ignores your loyalty program

    These three top reasons with the addition of a few others could apply to many demographic groups. The brand assumption is that loyalty is good and everyone should want to be part of it. In a world of options and special deals and purchases from a range of retailers, loyalty program engagement may not be worth the effort past initial sign-on and transactions that require virtually no effort by the consumer.
  • Posted on: 08/15/2018

    Why is translating analog customer service to digital so complicated?

    Digital puts a magnifying glass over analog approaches. Investors' visibility and service methods take on more urgency with higher consumer expectations. Systems have to express corporate memory and making more information and images available draws more attention to the product and away from the associates, who have to up their game.
  • Posted on: 08/14/2018

    ‘Less is more’ when competing with Amazon

    Chris is right on the mark in describing the importance of curating available options. Isn't that the great promise of AI? Information is powerful when used to fuel a buying decision and generally we have seen very little information presented by product providers. Contextual content is, I believe, the next plateau of digital commerce.
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