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Paramdeep Teji

Retail Enthusiast
  • Posted on: 06/20/2017

    Why are so many associates being deprived of tech by their employers?

    Mobile devices can be locked down (to allow only pre-selected apps) to take care of not only the trust issues, but also as security and compliance measures. There are few other concerns which are intertwined: conception, usage and support. Most of the ROI is built on fancy use cases, conceived sitting around tables in HQ office. Shop floor is a different ball game altogether and needs simple solutions, keeping in mind the large user base and quick turnaround of the associates in the industry Adding to the above, in the spirit of adding "WOW" factor, the solutions sometime becomes so complex to support technically and operationally, that most of them don't generally pass the POC stage let alone user adoption. Thirdly, although lots of attention is paid towards functional solutions, hardly any investment and interest is given to the crumbling in-store network. No associate has the patience and time to wait for 60 seconds for a page to load. End result: mobile devices are dumped in a corner in a back office. Having said that, I have personally been involved in rolling out RFID enabled inventory management mobile apps for store associates, being used very effectively in providing superior customer experience in terms of item (style/color/size) availability queries as well providing an accurate inventory position for in-store replenishment and other processes. Key is simple, sustainable and supportable solutions.
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