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Matt Arnull

  • Posted on: 11/03/2016

    Why are mobile conversion rates so low?

    Isn't one part of the picture here that users are expecting to use mobiles in different ways — which may not end up with a purchase on a device? For example, I picked up a Russian film in Tesco last week — one I'd never heard of, but looked interesting, and so I used my mobile to research the film on both the Tesco website, and then across the wider web. I didn't convert on the mobile, but I did in store. I also use my mobile to help me find stores I've not visited before in London, to compare prices and so on, or to check stock, all of which can — and do — distort conversion numbers for the channel, but are key to me converting in the wider picture. It's part of the challenge of the convenience of the device. It's in my pocket, and so I can use it to validate my decision, rather than having as clear as an intent as I would do in firing up my laptop, and navigating to the website.
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