Megan Cohill

Head of Retail, TEKsystems
  • Posted on: 02/01/2022

    Is the metaverse a bubble waiting to pop?

    Virtual worlds are here to stay. What we are talking about here is brand impression, brand vision and creative marketing. Early entrants like Nike leading the charge via their partnership with Roblox is a big splash. A brand won’t be “behind” if they don’t jump in with a big statement like that. But completely staying on the sideline too long could create risk long term. The virtual purchases will establish brand loyalty and turn into actual purchases- that’s what Nike is betting on. This has to be part of brand vision. This is not a place to be a laggard.
  • Posted on: 01/27/2022

    Can Amazon reverse the flight of its tech workers?

    American workers are tired. We've worked at this frenzied pace for so long, and tech has set this pace. Gen Z has no interest in continuing this behavior that's been modeled by their parents and they aren't swayed by more money. Especially tech workers. Tech companies need to realize that "one size fits all" comp packages aren't the way to go anywhere. Flexibility doesn't only mean the hours a person works, it's situational. It means allowing employees to prioritize what's important to them. This allows employees to be at their best. Employers need to recognize that the office culture and comp programs of the future will be those that are most customized to the individual employee. Those will attract and retain top performers. The tricky part will be how to scale.
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