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  • Posted on: 06/19/2021

    Organized theft is turning San Francisco into retail’s wild west

    They're not closing stores because of shoplifting. They're closing stores because the price of rent is too high and they can't compete with online shopping. They just announced 200 stores closing all across the country for this reason, so this isn't just a San Fran shoplifting problem. It seems nobody wants to think of what drives people to shoplift. When times get hard financially for people, crime goes up in return. This isn't a new concept. This article even says that for every $1 BILLION in sales they lose about $750k to theft. If you know how much a BILLION dollars is, $750k is nothing. These stores account for theft and write these things off ahead of time. They tell employees to not stop shoplifters because they don't care enough. Interacting with a shoplifter and potentially getting injured will cause more problems than someone stealing a candy bar. San Fran basically decriminalized petty theft because they have much bigger things to worry about and that's why there's been a spike. Covid has caused hard times for everyone and that is exactly why crime and gun violence has gone up across the country. Meanwhile the richest of the rich have doubled their wealth. Rich people get away with crime every day but yea, sure, petty theft is the real problem. Hell, Walgreens is being sued for millions in wage theft, but they're not going to see a day in jail for it. Yet a poor person steals some formula and diapers and goes to jail and has to pay a fine when they don't have the money to live in the first place. We need to help our communities with social programs and safety nets and then we will see petty theft and other crimes decrease.
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