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  • Posted on: 12/14/2020

    Are Amazon Prime delivery shoppers disrupting Whole Foods’ stores?

    They're required by Amazon to pester the staff in order to fulfill the order. If an item is not on the shelf/out of stock, the shopper cannot fulfill the order without asking a Whole Foods worker to either find the item in backstock, else provide a Q Code for the shopper to scan authorizing the shopper to replace the item with a similar one. No one can do their jobs, neither the shopper, nor the Whole Foods worker, because of an app designed by a team of overpaid developers with no life skills living in an, overpriced city.
  • Posted on: 12/14/2020

    Are Amazon Prime delivery shoppers disrupting Whole Foods’ stores?

    Whole Foods does not have a central warehouse for much of their local meat, fish, produce, and bakery/bath and body/sundry products. Their receiving gets deliveries directly from the local vendor. Amazon has just started to open shifts up for their shoppers at Whole Foods to work at their Warehouses, but not every market is large enough to support an Amazon Fresh Warehouse. What's available at Amazon Fresh Warehouse is not to the standards of Whole Foods: it's more like Sam's Club or Costco-type groceries. The bottom line is, of course, the shareholder's profit. They don't care if you're inconvenienced by the bedlam at the stores, especially if it gets you annoyed enough to shop from home, too. At which point, if enough of you do, they will close the Whole Foods Markets, and you will be served by the worker bees you never have to see or even think about. Can they be trained to pick a perfectly ripe, $5 per pound, organic apple with no bruises while being timed on an app, for minimum wage, without being sneezed upon on the crowded bus they ride to work, though? And let's not forget the delivery guy, too. Good luck with all of that.
  • Posted on: 12/13/2020

    Are Amazon Prime delivery shoppers disrupting Whole Foods’ stores?

    The Department of Public Health in my county just put us into another lock down, where all retail environments are to be at 20% capacity. The local Whole Foods is packed as usual, with the Amazon Shoppers staring into their phones, whilst running amok fulfilling the delivery orders of those who have the sense to not step into the store. The Amazon Shoppers are completely dependent upon a poorly-designed app to do their job; management is practically non-existent and, when present, has their hands tied by the technology; the Whole Foods workers cannot do their jobs due to the constant interruption by Amazon shoppers who must fulfill the demands of the App That Controls Everything. In other news, AWS went down the day before Thanksgiving, screwing over many customers and companies who depend on their Cloud to do business. Amazon should be broken up by the anti-Trust Acts of the Gilded Age. Bezos is no different than the Robber Barons of those days, and the effects on civil society are just as pernicious.
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