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mike duff

  • Posted on: 12/13/2016

    Will Aldi and Lidl replicate U.K. success in the U.S.?

    No one need doubt whether Aldi will be successful in the United States. The company already operates 1,700 stores or so, although they don't admit to that many. Aldi's estranged cousin Trader Joe's does pretty well itself. They succeed because they can provide private label food that actually is as good or better than what is available from national brands, plus they add items that you can't get elsewhere. In the Aldi case, that includes imports of foods produced in Europe and imported as special presentations of, say, German food. I don't know anyone who has tried shopping Aldi who hasn't become a regular customer. Once you try one of their frozen pizzas, you are a shopper for life. I've never had a better one in 30 years of covering the food and retail industries.
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